The Best WiFi Baby Monitor for 2018

With the recent technological revolution, baby monitors have also grown a notch higher to the current WiFi baby monitors. The latter uses WiFi as well as 3G and 4G network connection which lets you check in on your sleeping baby from any room or place from your mobile device. This article offers an in-depth account of the best WiFi baby monitor for 2018, their main features, where you can get them, and their pros and cons.

The Best 5 WiFi Baby Monitors for 2018

1. FREDI Wifi Baby Monitor

best fredi wifi baby monitor
The Fredi baby monitor is the absolute best wifi baby monitor available for online purchase this year. It’s very easy to use and has an ultra-wide angle of 185 degrees. This baby cam also comes with a 1-year warranty and a 90-day return policy. The camera also comes with iOS and Android apps. It features a motion detection sensor that lets you know immediately when it detects movement in the surveilled area, takes a picture, and lets you know via push messages.


  • Wide angle is perfect for the baby’s room.
  • The push notifications when the motion sensor is activated are really useful.
  • Minimal lag.
  • Budget-friendly price for a baby monitor of its capabilities.


  • Footage is uploaded on the company’s server and there’s no workaround, which might be inconvenient for some and can expose you to security and privacy breaches.

2. Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

best infant optics wifi baby monitor
The Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor is a highly customizable video monitor that allows you to adjust the camera angle like few others. The camera streams the video it captures in real time to a 3.5-inch color display. The battery for the monitor can last for 12 hours in the power-saving mode and around 8 hours with the screen permanently on. One of the best features of this baby monitor is the fact that it only streams the video to its assigned receiver instead of streaming it online, which makes it the best baby monitor for those who care about their privacy and security.

In addition, this monitor also has IR night vision, alarm function, two-way talk, temperature display, and an audio-only mode that saves about 50% of the battery. You can remotely control the tilt, pan, or zoom of the camera which is quite convenient. This system allows for up to 4 cameras connected to a monitor which comes in handy for families with more than one kid.


  • The interchangeable system lens (normal, zoom, and wide) make it versatile
  • The picture quality is outstanding – in fact, it’s the best baby monitor when it comes to this.
  • The company offers great customer service.


  • The charger can sometimes break down or stop working, but the company quickly replaces it.

3. Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

nest indoor baby security camera

The Nest Cam baby monitor is the number one bestseller in most online stores for being the best WiFi baby monitor as well as a home safety device. It provides users with an HD resolution of 1080p streaming capability that works round the clock. A clear night vision integrated with LEDs for dark nights makes this WiFi baby monitor very functional. Its flagship features include customizable alerts, seamless recording for up to 140GB monthly, downloadable clips, and time-lapse videos.

The Nest aware feature allows users to listen and talk to the baby, receive movement, and sound alerts from the baby’s crib. Also, the Nest app for Apple and Android devices allows you to watch live videos from wherever you are.


  • Very high video and audio performance and recording capabilities
  • Easy to use and convenient thanks to the designated apps


  • Limited number of alerts for the best WiFi baby monitor
  • The free app versions come with ads, they require a $10 monthly subscription to remove them
  • This wifi baby monitor is in the higher price range

4. Vimtag Fujikam 361

vimtag fujikam 361 baby camera

The Vimtag Fujikam is one of the best WiFi baby monitor devices that can be operated without a web browser. This gadget provides a full range of features such as 320-degrees rotation, 120-degree tilt, and a seamless video streaming via their designated app (Apple and Android devices). Recorded videos and pictures are stored in a memory card. To add cameras, you can use the QR Code feature. The cameras offer a high definition video quality of 720p. They are integrated with infrared LEDs meant to enable night use.

Other great features include an inbuilt two-way voice, capability to be used without a wired power and a motion sensor to track the baby movements.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Only requires a LAN connection to operate
  • Excellent clarity, colors, and amazing night vision


  • Requires a memory card for storing pictures and videos that is not included in the package
  • Cannot be accessed via web browsers

5. Motorola MBP36 Remote WiFi baby monitor

motorola mbp36 baby monitor camera

This Motorola video baby monitor is multi-functional. It can be set to notify parents of the events occurring in the child’s room via phone from anywhere with a WiFi connection. The camera is controlled by the Hubble app that is available for free download on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The third best Wifi baby monitor on this list also has an infrared mode that tracks temperature changes in the baby’s environment. That is a unique feature that puts Motorola MBP36 Remote baby monitor ahead of the competition.

It can be upgraded to provide a chronology of events for up to thirty days. This allows you to monitor various health aspects of your child. Motorola MBP36 has a high video quality of 720p HD, tilt, and pan features. It also has a two-way communication system that can be used to talk and listen to your young one.


  • The monitor resolution is excellent even at night
  • The two-way speaking option is a great addition
  • Remote adjustment of camera position and zoom


  • Even when plugged in, it goes blank with no activity

6. Snug WiFi Monitor for Babies

snug wifi baby camera

It is a compact camera baby monitor that is simple to set up, use, and diagnose errors of. Once installed, users are guaranteed of a seamless WiFi connection providing a live feed of the napping baby through your Smartphone or tablet. It works together with a mobile app that is available for free download in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. One exciting feature is the camera’s night vision mode that will detect any movement of the baby at night and alert you. Audio signals are also sent to your phone which you can access remotely.

The app has a password security option for extra protection. Besides that, you have the choice to customize the alerts. In this way, you won’t have to keep peeping at the video feeds to check on your baby. Other cutting-edge features worth mentioning are the pan and tilt options that let you scan the baby in various angles. A power adapter, antenna, and mount for the ceiling or wall are also great features of the Snug best WiFi baby monitor.


  • Great picture and video quality
  • Comes with accessories like a ceiling and wall mount


  • Videos are streamed outside the local network if you don’t change the setting, which could be a security threat

7. iBaby Monitor M6

ibaby monitor m6 toddler camera

This Baby monitor features a sleek and unique design that provides 360-degrees coverage of the child’s environment. The camera is operated via a mobile app. Some additional exciting perks include inbuilt lullabies and the option of adding your songs to calm the baby down. It provides storage for pictures and videos without the requirement of monthly subscriptions. In addition, the device is easy to install and user-friendly.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with many parent-friendly options like adding lullabies to the device
  • Good picture and video quality


  • The lack of temperature or humidity detectors like in other best WiFi baby monitors
  • Some users have also experienced glitches with its Android app
  • The bright blue light that flashes from time to time is a bad wavelength for sleep

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With the best WiFi baby monitor, your life as a parent will get a lot easier. These gadgets let you monitor your baby remotely via your mobile device as long as you have access to a stable WiFi connection. The best WiFi baby monitor should have features such as temperature monitoring, high-quality graphics, and great performance as shown by the gadgets reviewed in this article. Therefore, find one that best suits your needs and leave a comment on your favorite wireless baby monitor.

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