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Laura Hoyda

I’m Laura and I am a Canadian mom, currently condo-dwelling with my family in downtown Vancouver, Canada. I’m a former lawyer and current stay-at-home mom of 2: a 5-year-old boy Charlie and a 21-month-old girl Bellamy. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, a surgical resident, and my best friend. I’m also a motherhood & lifestyle YouTuber and I love to share about my life, both the highs and the lows, on all social platforms.

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Miriam Slozberg

The life of a mother is never easy – time is never enough, germs are everywhere and keeping our children happy and healthy has become more and more difficult.

Thinking about picking out a stroller, a baby monitor, a nursing pillow, a baby bottle, a baby carrier, a humidifier, an umbrella for the stroller? Oh my god, the headache! The abundance of options on the market is overwhelming!

I am just like you, a mother who wants the absolute best for her little bundle of joy. My aim is to help you by showcasing my own mistakes and shortcomings.

I’m not perfect, and that’s okay.

As a Canadian mom, blogger and freelance writer, I’m fascinated with the metaphysical. In fact, I am also an astrologer and I study it as often as I can.

I have been writing for nearly 10 years – several print books, ebooks and ghostwritten many articles for various clients over the years.

I write in a variety of niches which includes pregnancy and parenting, mental health, relationships, spirituality, and home improvement.

I am also a frequent contributor to BabyGaga (have been so since November 2017) and I advocate for mental health with every chance I get.

Right now I look forward to connecting with you and offer my experience as a possible answer to all your day-to-day mommy queries.

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Alexandra Diane – alexandradiane.com

I’m Alexandra, a full time mom/stepmom and morning news editor. I work the mommy shift, which means I’m into the newsroom at 3am and out before noon. I consider myself to be a true Florida mom. I encourage my little ones to spend as much time as they can out on the water, and in nature, before the summer melting time hits. I started as a creative writer and have been slowly transitioning into a blogger, mostly discussing my health and my experiences as a new mom.