6 Newborn Hacks I Have Learned on My Own

If you just had a newborn, congratulations! You just expanded your family. You are probably exhausted and pained. Whether you gave birth naturally or by C-section, you are understandably overwhelmed. It would not be normal if it were otherwise. Your life has been drastically transformed in ways that no one could really comprehend unless they have experienced it themselves.

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The one thing you will want to do is take the best advantage of these 6 newborn hacks when it comes to caring for a newborn. After all, you need to have your own time to get your much-needed rest. Do anything to make your parenting experience easier.

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1. Use Hospital Pacifiers to Give Your Newborn Medicine

Hospital pacifiers have a hollow opening and are absolutely perfect to use if you have to give your baby medicine. Using a syringe alone will be challenging. Your newborn will squirm away. That will create a less pleasant experience for you and your baby. All you need to do is squirt the medicine through the hollow pacifier. Your baby will end up receiving the correct dosage of medicine without putting up a fuss. You can also purchase these pacifiers if you did not end up bringing one back with you.

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2. Use Coconut or Almond Oil to Rub on Your Baby’s Bottom

The baby’s first stool is called meconium. It is made up of waste material that was collected in your baby’s system over the last 9 months. Meconium is very sticky and can be difficult to remove. Find the right type of apparatus to use while cleaning your baby’s bottom. Newborn wipes alone may not do the trick quickly. The last thing you want to do is exhaust yourself by trying to get your baby’s bottom clean over and over again. Applying coconut or almond oil while cleaning your baby’s bottom will wipe off the sticky meconium!

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3. Onesies Can Retain Diaper Blowouts

If you have an older baby, you will probably anticipate that he or she will end up having an explosive bowel movement. It is referred to as the diaper blowout. It does not matter whether your baby is breast or formula-fed. Blowouts will happen and do without any warning. That said, dress your newborn in a onesie so the blowout is contained as much as possible.

4. Place the New Diaper Underneath the Dirty One During Changes

When you change your newborn, be sure to place the new diaper underneath the old one. Also, make sure that you cover the baby’s entire bottom with the new diaper. This way you won’t end up getting suddenly peed on. Covering the baby’s entire bottom will also make the diaper stay in place. You do not want to drop it on the floor or start looking for it while the baby awaits.

5. Do Bicycle Exercises for Babies with Gas

Gassy babies will be fussier because they are uncomfortable. Unfortunately, whether you are breastfeeding or using the best baby bottles around to formula feed, your baby will still be inhaling air. That means your baby will have cramps and plenty of gas, in addition to plenty of crying and spitting up. That said, if your baby is uncomfortable, lay him or her on the back on a soft and comfortable surface. Afterward, take the legs and gently rotate their legs as if they were riding a bike. That exercise will help bring your little one the relief he or she is desperately needing.

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6. Get a Velcro Sleeper

It is dangerous to put a blanket in a crib with a newborn and even an older baby. You might also be aware of how much of a struggle swaddling your baby properly can be. In order to remove the stress from swaddling as well as worrying about whether your baby is cold or not – invest in a Velcro sleeper. A sleeper that has a zipper is just as good. Your baby will be properly swaddled and kept warm.

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Your parenting experience just got simpler! You are now aware of these newborn hacks. They will simplify the caring for a newborn. As your baby grows, there are more parenting hacks that make raising kids simpler. Stay tuned for my next articles!

Dear parents, what other newborn hacks can you think of?

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