How to Get Your Toddler into Potty Training

Turning 2 years old is a milestone for your little one. That is because many transitions are expected to happen after this age. One huge transition is from going to a crib to a bed. Another one is eating larger pieces of food. Also, if a new baby will be in the picture, your toddler will need to get used to having a new sibling. Another change that parents understandably dread is — toilet training!

That is right. When your little one turns 2, it is time parents learned how to potty train their toddler. This will be a stressful time for both the toddler and parents. That said, before starting the process, there are several things to evaluate. Firstly, if your toddler is developmentally on par, then you can start. The same applies if your toddler is acting unhappy being in a soiled diaper. That is the time to get underwear, extra sippy cups, a potty seat, and toys to use for rewards before starting the process!

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Let’s take a look at some tips to utilize in order to potty train your toddler and increase the chances of being trained:

kid on the potty

1. Allow Your Toddler to Throw Out the Diaper First Thing in the Morning

As soon as you get your toddler up, the diaper will be very wet or even soiled. You can have your toddler take his or her diaper and throw it in the garbage. At the same time teach him to say bye-bye to the diaper. This will teach him that he no longer needs the diaper and can do without it.

2. Get Your Toddler to Go to the Bathroom in the Middle of the Night

This is one of the tasks that parents will dislike. In fact, it will remind them of the old days when their toddler was a newborn and had to be fed during the night. Parents need to set their alarm for the night so they can get their toddler to the bathroom. And, if there is a newborn in the picture at the same time, then the parents will have to tend to both kids at 3 am for very different reasons!

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3. Give Your Toddler an Extra Drink for Breakfast

You want to make sure that your toddler has the urge to go to the bathroom in order to potty train him or her successfully. That means he or she will need to have a full bladder quickly. This way, you can get your toddler to sit on the potty a half hour after having the drink. The child will most likely go tinkle. That is when you can reward him or her for going potty in the toilet.

4. Make Sure There Is an Extra Sippy Cup in Your Toddler’s Reach

In the morning is not the only time to encourage your toddler to go to the bathroom. In fact, it is ideal to have your toddler sip on water throughout the entire day. That means every 15 minutes you are going to want to have him or her sit on the potty.

5. No more Snacks and Drinks after Dinner

Your toddler will need to go to the bathroom in the night. In order to minimize how often, cut off drinks and food once dinner is over. If your toddler insists that he or she is thirsty, get him or her a little water. But do not give him too much water after dinner.

6. Put Your Toddler in an Oversized T-shirt

When you are actively training your toddler, stop putting him or her into diapers. Take an oversized T-shirt and put it on him instead, and tie it up at the bottom. This way, if your child does #2, you can toss it into the toilet while your child watches. He or she will start to get the message. Eventually, your toddler will realize that #1 and #2 go into the toilet.

7. Don’t Forget to Use the Potty Seat

You can get miniature potties for your toddler during the training time. However, it is more effective to get a potty seat to put on the toilet. Put a stool by it so your child can climb up and climb down. Make sure you stay with him along the whole process, until he learns how to do it on his own.

8. Make Sure that Your Toddler Is Rewarded for Success

If your child does #1 and/or #2 in the toilet, make sure that you praise him or her. You can also give him a small toy as a reward. Your toddler will respond well to that and get the message even quicker. He will understand that #1 and #2 go in the potty.

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9. Be Patient

If your toddler seems to be trained but is slipping up by having accidents in his or her underwear, or is taking a long time to train, whatever you do – do not lose your temper! This could make the situation worse and discourage your baby from future attempts.

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There is no time frame on how to potty train a toddler. You will need to have all of the patience in the world while going through this tough transition. If your toddler is resistant, put the training on hold for a few weeks and then start again. Good luck!

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