Potty training tends to be a long, challenging process for both toddlers and their parents. That’s why you need a potty training seat!

However, with numerous factors to consider and dozens of models to choose from, finding the best potty training seat for your child is no easy task.

Fortunately, this in-depth guide details everything you need to know before you shop. Find out which chair is right for you by comparing the specifications and features of each chair as well as their unique advantages & disadvantages.

1. OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Travel Potty

OXO’s best-selling toilet training seat doubles as an on-the-go potty.

It features a pair of folding leg stands and no-slip flaps for disposable bags. In an emergency, you can simply pull out the legs and attach a bag, turning the seat into a standalone potty.

On top of that, there is a bag dispenser in each of the legs so you’ll never forget to pack them.

Of course, the chair also works as a regular toilet cover. Ergonomically designed to maximize comfort, it features support handles and a splash shield.

Basically, the OXO Tot is a standard toilet training tool at home but, when it comes to traveling, it’s the single best potty training seat available in the market.


  • Three disposable bags and a carrying case are included in the package.
  • Bags are held firmly in place until you release the grips.
  • No other seat is as effective on the go.


  • The seat is too small for most children aged four and up.
  • The splash guard isn’t very effective.
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2. BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer

BabyBjorn has been a leading manufacturer of kids’ bathroom essentials since 1961.

Their products have raised the bar when it comes to quality and safety standards, so it’s no surprise that they still produce one of the best potty training seats on the market.

This toilet trainer was designed to make potty training as safe and as simple as possible. Made from 100% BPA-free plastic, the seat is durable, lightweight and extremely easy to clean.

A child can mount and remove it on their own, though you must initially adjust it to fit your toilet. Plus, the splash guard is wide enough to guarantee that they won’t make a mess.


  • By turning a dial you can easily adjust the seat to fit any toilet.
  • A wide, inward-facing splashguard eliminates splashes.
  • All materials undergo rigorous safety standard testing in the U.S. and Europe.
  • There is a built-in carrying handle that doubles as a hanger for storage.


  • Has no support handles
  • The seat is too small for some children aged three and up.
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3. Primo 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer

The Primo Toilet Trainer is a truly all-inclusive potty training toolkit.

With a few adjustments, the chair can be used throughout every stage of the learning process. Like all Primo products, it is extremely durable and made from non-toxic, lead-free, phthalate-free polymer.

To top that off, the kit includes a Learning Tips guide, a set of Reward Stickers and coupons for potty training pants.

Early on it functions as a standalone potty. Once your child is ready to train on a regular toilet, simply disassemble the Primo into a step stool and a detachable seat.

Finally, when it’s time to start using other restrooms, the portable Soft Seat Reducer provides confidence and comfort outside the home. It fits all types of toilets and is compact enough to carry anywhere.


  • It functions as both a potty chair and a training seat.
  • The design makes assembly and cleanup simple.
  • A child can easily detach the step stool for reaching the sink to wash their hands.
  • Every part is made from non-hazardous vinyl plastic.


  • For some boys, the bowl isn’t tall enough to contain all splashing.
  • The stand-alone chain has a maximum weight capacity of 45 pounds.
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4. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol “Calling All Pups” Soft Seat

When it comes to building confidence, this lightweight yet versatile potty seat is a complete game-changer.

Using an adult toilet tends to be intimidating for most children. That’s why Nickelodeon designed a seat that maximizes comfort and stability with soft cushions, Easy Grips, and a fun design.

The toilet training seat is made in the USA, so you can expect it to outlast an actual toilet.

Best of all, it’s made by a reliable brand that all kids love. Paw Patrol is the most popular design, but you can get Nickelodeon’s best potty training seat with other kids’ favorites, including Dora the Explorer and Bubble Guppies.


  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • Large handles increase stability, which boosts confidence.
  • The seat is compatible with both round and elongated toilets.


  • It does not include a hanging hook.
  • The splash guard doesn’t cover all sides of the seat.
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5. OxGord Baby Steps Cover & Step

In addition to ample support and numerous safety features, the OxGord potty trainer offers a uniquely fun design that encourages kids to use it.

The seat comes with an integrated step stool shaped like a ladder. First and foremost, it improves stability by propping up the seat. Plus, a colorful step ladder makes the final stage of potty training less intimidating and, as a result, increases confidence.

The ladder has extra-wide pads made from a material that won’t slip even if the floor is wet. Likewise, the support handles feature no-slip grips that maximize support and safety.

Although this seat weighs more than most, the whole setup folds flat for storage.


  • With a kid-friendly design, the seat makes toilet training fun.
  • The kit offers some of the best potty training seat support features on the market.
  • It folds for quick & easy storage.


  • At 4.6 pounds, it’s too heavy for a child to use on their own.
  • The seat doesn’t detach from the step stool.
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No two children are the same, so there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all toilet trainer. However, one of these five listed products is bound to be the best potty training seat for your little one. We believe the one from OXO is the best potty training seat right now, but the BabyBjorn model is very close behind. Would you add another model to the best potty training seat list?

Editor’s note: this post was first uploaded in August 2017 and has received multiple updates, including the most recent one in June 2019.

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