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7 Best Toddler Bed Rails and Toddler Bed Bumpers in 2019


As children grow, their sleeping habits will change, partly due to differences in brain activity, and partly because of the changes in their body’s energy levels.

While some children enjoy the pleasure of a deep, uninterrupted sleep, others have to deal with little to no rest, restless movements, and even insomnia.

A myriad of factors can cause night movements, which is why it is so important to have the best toddler bed rails and bed bumpers. These will make up a barrier and protective edge for the bed and will prevent a fall that can lead to many other problems.

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7. WYNMARTS Foam Bed Rail Bumper for Toddlers


WYNMARTS 2 Pack Foam Bed Rail Bumper for Toddlers Bed Guard Kids No...
  • No More Fall Out of Bed - with 2 set of bed bumpers, keep your kids in bed all night safely
  • Easy Installation - Follow the photos instruction to install the bed bumper quickly and easily
  • Adjustable for Any Beds - The length is 56" long, however; you can use big scissor to cut to desired size length easily...

WYNMARTS’ foam bumper is made of non-toxic foam and is one of the best toddler bed rails you can find on the market today. Measuring 56 inches in length and 9 inches in width, it’s adjustable and can fit almost any bed. You can even use scissors to cut it to the desired length.


  • Includes 2 sets of bed bumpers
  • Perfect height – but still adjustable


  • Might come with an unpleasant smell

6. Regalo Swing Down Bedrail


Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard, with Reinforced Anchor Safety System
  • SWING DOWN: The patented swing down feature allows this bedrail to pivot down and out of the way when getting in and out...
  • SAFE: 43-inches long and 20-inch tall for added security. Certified by American Testing Society and Juvenile Product...
  • EASY TO SET UP: No tools required

A wonderful choice for best toddler bed rails, the Regalo Swing Down Bedrail features a metal design that uses a patented technology called Gap Guard.

The model follows the same pattern as its top competitors: think of a tennis mat surrounded by a metal frame that attaches itself to the edge of a bed. Also, measuring 43 inches long and 20 inches tall, this net won’t make your children feel like they are trapped in the bed.

The metal that frames the net will be mega sturdy as it is made of steel. No tools are needed for set up, and it is recommended mainly for queen and twin sized mattresses.

One of this product’s drawbacks is that you can’t use it with transition cribs, toddler beds, platform beds, or bunk beds.


  • Smooth, swing-down design
  • Also works on beds without box springs, including bunk beds
  • Much safer than foam rails, especially for active toddlers


  • Can sometimes fold down by itself after twisting and turning
  • Its pieces break down more easily than expected

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5. Munchkin Sleep Rails Toddler Bed Rail


Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail, Grey
  • Grey safety rail measures 18" height x 36" width
  • Push-button hinge folds down for easy access
  • Strong safety straps eliminate gap between mattress and bed rail

This model is a 1-piece foam pillow that fits all beds and can be placed firmly on top of the mattress, under the sheets. The bed rail has a soft edge finish that does not feel rough or foreign so your baby or toddler won’t get uncomfortable because of it.

Munchkin‘s product becomes a part of the bed, which feels more comfortable and secure than tall, imposing, wooden rails that feel cold and oppressive to the touch.

The product is 100% certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

This portable foam pad also serves as a non-slop sleep guard. As such, it is transferable, light, good for traveling, and safe.


  • Comes with a 30 days 100% money-back guarantee
  • Includes strong safety straps – no more gap between the bed rails and mattress
  • Its push-button hinge can fold for ease of access
  • Simple to assemble and clean


  • It is hard to mount, according to several reviews
  • The nylon cover is not machine washable

4. Bed Buddy Bed Rail Bumper Guard for Toddlers


Bed Buddy Bed Rail Guard - for Toddlers, Kids and Adults Easy Install...
  • KEEP WIGGLY KIDS IN PLACE WITH A GENTLE TOUCH: The Bed Buddy is designed as a passive safety reminder that provides...
  • UNIQUE SNUGSAFE DESIGN: The Bed Buddy is the ONLY bed rail bumper with the unique SnugSafe Design that will keep even...
  • QUICK & EASY INSTALL: Simply place the Bed Buddy on top of the mattress or mattress pad and cover with a fitted sheet...

The Bed Buddy system works as a bumper, more so than a barricade. It provides a strong, steady, yet understated wall at the edge of the bed that blends in with the rest of the structure.

When children wiggle during sleep, the soft, blended “bump” automatically redirects and makes them turn the other way, thus preventing a fall.

The bumper itself is only 4.5 inches in height and features a unique, steep peak silhouette that does not roll out of bed like most cylindrical bumper guards.

Placing the Bed Buddy on top of the mattress pad takes just a few seconds.


  • Cozy and very unobtrusive – makes toddlers feel safe, not caged
  • Lightweight, great for travel, and a universal fit
  • Easy to set up and maintains its position thanks to the adherent materials
  • Meant to be a passive safety reminder


  • Several reviewers complained that it arrived used

3. Royexe Portable Bed Rail Bumper


(1-Pack or 2-Pack) The Original Bed Rails for Toddlers. Portable Bed...
  • THE #1 RATED KIDS BED BUMPER: Ditch the bulky, cage-like metal bed rail in favor of the safe, effective and discreet...
  • UNIVERSAL SECURE FIT: This toddler safety rail has double non-slip grip strips on the bottom that secures firmly to the...
  • FULL OF AIR, YET TOUGH AS NAILS: Unlike other inflatable child bed rails, this bed bumper will stay full 'n firm thanks...

Continuing with our list of the best toddler bed rails, we have this amazing option from Royexe. This discreet inflatable bed rail is safe and effective, and you can easily slip it under the sheets to prevent falls.

It measures 7”(W) X 48”(L) X 5”(H) when inflated and when deflated, it’s should be small enough to fit it in your pocket. This makes this bed rail perfect for traveling or sleepovers.

Plus, it’s water-resistant, so it can deal with any accidents or incidents that might occur during nighttime.


  • Inflates in seconds
  • No moving metal parts
  • Extremely compact and portable
  • Universal secure fit
  • Leak-proof, airtight construction


  • Several reports of either one or both rails leaking air and deflating

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2. ComfyBumpy Convertible Bed Rails


Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids Twin, Double, Full Size Queen & King...
  • TRIPLE-SAFE: The only toddler bed rail guard that secures tightly with with slats and springs using velcro, boxsprings...
  • UNIVERSAL: Perfect for single mattresses, kid twin beds, doubles, queens, and kings.
  • SIMPLE: Pull on latch to easily pull down bed rail. Easy installation.

This ComfyBumpy model is basically like a tennis net framed by iron bars, and it was made for transition cribs. It is also the first product on this best toddler bed rails and bumpers list that works as an attached rail guard.

These bed rails are ideal for when you need stronger protection against falls but do not want to compromise by putting tall, heavy rails on the side of the bed.

Its added security comes, in part, from the fact that it has a triple way system of securing itself: with Velcro for springs and slats, with screws for wood-based beds, and with straps under the mattress when using a box spring.

Besides making it secure, this also means that you can use this system for any bed, no matter the size. It is also easy to install, as you just pull on the latch and then pull down the bed rail.


  • The bars are made of industrial-quality iron
  • High-quality, breathable mesh padding
  • Triple-security systems
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Easy to install and remove thanks to its pull-down design
  • Video instructions included


  • Hard to follow written instructions
  • Some reviews mention incomplete packages or product mistakes (receiving the adult instead of the toddler version)

1. hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers Toddler Bed Rails


[2-Pack] hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers Toddler Bed Rails with...
  • PASSIVE-SAFETY PROTECTION - Invented at Stanford University based on the principle of "Passive-Safety Protection," the...
  • RESPONSIBLY MANUFACTURED | CertiPUR-US FOAM is made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP ("Tris") flame retardants, mercury,...
  • INTERACTION WITH MOM & DAD + INDEPENDENCE: Our rails make it easy to get cozy on the side of your toddler's bed for...

The hiccapop safety bed system is a 2-piece set of pillows that attach to the mattress and serve as a passive bumper, more so than a barricade that traps kids in their beds the way some of those tall, wooden rails do.

Created based on the principle of “passive-safety-protection”, these pillows also serve as bumps; so as the children sleep, they will come across the bumper which will make the roll away and automatically prevent a fall over the edge of the bed.

This product comes with the added benefit of being phthalates-free and BPA-free. It is also water resistant so it can withstand any little pesky night accidents and features a washable cover.


  • Works great for most toddlers thanks to the psychological principle of subconscious passivity
  • Includes a waterproof, machine-washable cover
  • Features a non-skid bottom that firmly keeps it in its place
  • Quick, intuitive installation process
  • Comes with a 100%, Lifetime-Guarantee


  • Several customers complain that these bed rails don’t stay in place
  • Might arrive incomplete (one instead of two rails)
Toddler bed rails amazon

💤 All Ready for a Safe Night’s Sleep Now 🛌


There is no doubt that getting a product that prevents your child from falling from bed is an imperative need, especially if you have a tosser and turner. To prevent any possible dangers, you can either opt for a rail system or a bump system as prevention mechanisms.

As you can see, there is a multitude of products that fit the best toddler bed rails and bed bumpers categories, and which can help ensure a safer sleep.

Have you tried any of these products? Then don’t hesitate and let us know how they worked out for your kids.

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