14 Best Nightlights for Toddlers in 2018

Nightlights are just what kids need in order to get a good night’s sleep. These sleeping aids give the bedroom a subtle glow, thus keeping the baby relaxed at night. Some of the best nightlights for toddlers combine gentle, warm lights with soft music and other soothing sounds to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

Good sleep routines for babies facilitate efficient functioning of growth hormones and a healthy development. So, when you are off to your bedroom and would like your kid to sleep soundly and grow healthy, here are the eleven best nightlights for toddlers to light up their nights:

14. KinderGlo Portable Night Light

KinderGlo Night Light

The KinderGlo is an adorable nightlight that should find its way into your toddlers’ bedroom. The gadget is simple, easy to use and comfortable to touch. The nightlight provides just enough light to gently illuminate the room while also allowing a restful sleep to the baby.

The nightlight is BPA free and phthalate free making completely safe for toddlers to hold and carry around should a nightmare awaken them. It also comes with large buttons that are used to control color management and brightness levels.


  • Uses a base to recharge, no batteries or USB wires.


  • Some of the colors are too dim and barely noticeable.
  • Poorly made and not quite fit for a toddler because of this.

Note: This product is currently unavailable in all online retail stores, but we will update this page as soon as it comes back!

13. Miccke LED Night Light

Miccke Night Light

This decorative nightlight serves the purpose of emitting a gentle much-needed light for toddlers who might be waking up in the night to get a cup of water or go to the bathroom. This light is capable of displaying a variety of colors which enable you to change diapers without switching on the main room light. Additionally, the lamp is portable and built sturdy.


  • Simple yet adorable design.
  • Gives off just enough light for parents to check on the toddler during the night.
  • Thanks to the matte material, it gives off a very gentle light that doesn’t bother babies.


  • Not as soothing as others as colors change suddenly instead of bleeding into one another.
  • If you want it to give off just a single color, the only option is white.
  • Runs on a rechargeable battery for only 5 hours straight.

12. Projectable Tropical Fish LED – Toddler Night Light Projector

Tropical Fish Night Light toddler night light projector

Available in 5 different options, the Projectable LED plug-in are fun for the kids. Aside from being a beautiful nightlight showcasing the solar system, safari adventure, the coral reef and the solar system, this toddler night light projector has an ambient sensor making it auto power on at dusk and power off at dawn. It’s a plug-in nightlight meaning that it doesn’t need batteries and can accommodate a variety of projectable discs to change the projected images. These incredible features make it one of the best nightlights for toddlers.


  • The light it gives off is intense enough to project an image on a 10ft high ceiling.
  • Comes with a light sensor that automatically turns it off and on during the day or night.
  • The double axis articulation of the projector allows you to place it virtually anywhere in the room.


  • Some images are a bit blurry.
  • The color in the images will fade out over time.

11. Star Sky Projecting Lamp Soft Night Light

Star Sky Projecting Night Light

The MOKOQI is a bedroom lighting fixture that serves to light up your room and also a projector. The fixture projects celestial bodies onto the roof of the room giving your kid the impression of sleeping under the sky at night. Apart from this feature, two other functionalities offered by this soft night light include emitting a soft white light and cycling through 8 different colors.

Aside from being a lighting fixture the device also brings with it an educational perspective due to the myriad of stellar bodies displayed on the ceiling. The best thing about the MOKOQI is that is can be powered by either AAA batteries or an electric outlet.


  • Looks great without letting off too much light.
  • Very relaxing, especially when the rotating function is used.
  • Effective for adults with anxiety or depressive thoughts, too, according to customer reviews.


  • Once burned out, you cannot replace the light sources inside.
  • Some customers report its materials and build are not of the highest quality.

10. Zitrades Rainbow Crib Night Light

Zitrades Rainbow Crib Night Light

The Zitrades Rainbow crib night light made it to our best nightlight for toddlers list because it is certainly one of the interesting ones in this lot. It supplies a night light for babies and toddlers alike. The appearance of the lighting fixture is creatively designed to stir the imaginative side of your toddler. The real charm of the Zitrades lighting device is the soft light array of lights it glows.

The device emits a soft light that won’t disturb your baby in slumberland. The Zitrades rainbow light is a plugin device eliminating the need for charging or using triple What’s more; the gadget has ambient and sound sensors that enables itself to go on or off depending on whether it’s day or night and also switch itself on when the baby cries at night. Many parents have confessed that this is one of the best nightlights for their toddlers.


  • Has a great design with vibrant colors.
  • Comes in an elegant package which makes it suitable as a gift.
  • Comes with a noise activation sensor and a light sensor.


  • Might be too bright for smaller rooms.
  • Doesn’t have an on/off switch, must be unplugged to completely turn it off.

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9. Ocean Wave Projector

Ocean Wave Projector Night Light

It would be a crime of the Ocean Wave Projector didn’t make out 10 best nightlights for toddlers. Nothing drives kids faster to sleep than a lullaby and some soft mood lights, and this is what the Ocean Wave Projector delivers exceptionally well. With an inbuilt music player, you can plug in a music source this nightlight promises to take your kids to slumberland in no time.

If you weren’t prepared, there are four lullabies stored in the device’s memory. The true glamour of the nightlight, however, comes up when the sun goes down. Through 7 lighting modes and a remote control, this lamp guarantees that the kids will be treated to a pleasant music and visual experience before falling asleep.


  • The timer function is one of the most useful features.
  • The sounds are very calming and so is the texture of the light it emits.


  • The remote control range is pretty short.
  • The buttons are pretty loud when pressed which can wake up a baby.

8. Soaiy Projection LED Night Light Lamp

Soaiy Night Light

This projector is an Amazon bestseller. This is amongst the best nightlights for toddlers, and there’s no surprise why. The projector sends beautiful Aurora waves across the walls of the room soothing him to sleep. The device has an inbuilt speaker where you can plug in your phone to play comforting music to put the tots to sleep.

With 8 eight different lighting options solid and multicolored, adjustable illuminating angles and an automatic timer, it’s no surprise why this device sells so well.


  • The colors are bright and lively.
  • It comes with a universal power cord as it is USB-powered.


  • The sounds are low-quality.

7. Munchkin Light

Munchkin Night Light

The gadget’s lighting uses LED technology that prevents it from getting too hot to touch thus safe and comfortable to the kids’ touch. This owl lamp is powered by batteries, therefore negating the need for power cables and dangerous charging stations in the vicinity of your kids. It’s designed for easy portability with its carry handle and perfect sizing.

Although the brightness cannot be adjusted, the fixture provides a soft light that is nonintrusive for your tot. One handy feature is the timer that allows the device to switch off itself while you stay in bed. It’s easy to see why it got the third spot on our list of the best nightlights for toddlers.


  • Very durable nightlight that gives off a bright, but not overpowering light.
  • Has a very cute and lightweight design.
  • Comes with an auto shutoff function.


  • The eyes are painted on which makes them vulnerable to scratches.
  • The on/off button is small and a bit difficult to find in the dark.

6. VAVA Baby LED Night Light

Vava baby led night light

The VAVA ha gathered tremendous amounts of praise from parents regarding its safety features, illuminating power, and user-friendliness. The brightness and array of light colors are controlled by touching the top of the lamp and or the VAVA logo. Double tapping the logo will send it to sleep. Manufactured from a combination of polymers, the VAVA lamp provides durability that allows your kids to play around with the lamp safely. In addition, the LED lamps add to the general safety as temperatures do not go overboard.

The LED lights provide a steady glow that is gentle to the eyes. On maximum brightness, the lamp will last 5 hours, but this time increases up to 80 hours when running at minimum brightness. With an IP rating of 65, the VAVA lamp is a proven multifunctional lamp that can be carried to night camps. Once depleted just plug it in and the lamp recharges waiting to illuminate your nightlife. With such nifty features, it’s not a surprise the VAVA nightlight is a favorite amongst many parents and kids alike and considered one of the best nightlights for toddlers.


  • A charge lasts for days (or nights) on end.
  • The color can be adjusted between a warmer or a cooler shade and from dimmer to brighter.
  • Controls are very intuitive.


  • Does not have a time-out setting.

5. MOKOQI Rotating Projector & Baby Night Light

Mokoqi Rotating Projector Baby Night Light
This egg-shaped projector displays soothing starry patterns and comes with multiple light colors. It uses an outer cover to project the star & moon shapes; this cover can be removed if you want to use it as a gentle night light. This night light can also display multiple colors (blue, green, white, and red) and rotate. In addition, this night lamp is also programmable between 5 and 995 minutes, which makes it very convenient and energy-efficient.

The manufacturer states this lamp has a wider projection range and brighter lights than the previous model. This night light can be powered via USB cable or with AAA batteries.


  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of color combinations and options


  • Needs to be placed in the center of the room to project correctly

4. VAVA Nursing Night Light

VAVA Nursing Night Light
This VAVA night light is similar to the previous VAVA model, but it’s slightly better rated. it’s made of toy-grade ABS and pp materials and gives a gentle, warm glow that doesn’t flicker or hurt the eyes. It comes with an elegant charging base that doesn’t topple over. A charge can last between 6 and 200 hours, depending on the intensity of light.

In addition, this lamp is waterproof and also comes with a silicone handle that can be used while camping or hiking. Another feature we really like about this lamp is its SOS signal mode which can be used in case of emergency.


  • Waterproof, high-quality construction
  • Long-lasting
  • Energy efficient


  • Has a blue LED that dims in and out

3. Cloud B Twilight Turtle

Cloud-B Night Light

This amazing night lamp is an amazing source of light for infants, kids and adults alike. What the Twilight Turtle does is throw alluring colors onto the walls, and ceilings of the kids’ room. The colors emitted are mild enough to allow kids to sleep soundly.

To kids, the nightlight can also serve as a toy. The plush turtle lights up the room like a planetarium and kids love its appearance. With a 45-minute uptime, toddlers will not be complaining that they are afraid of the dark.


  • Very easy to operate.
  • Comes with 3 light settings.
  • Has a great design.


  • Requires a screwdriver to change the battery.

2. Hontry Rotating Night Light & Projector

Hontry Rotating Night Light
This Hontry nightlight and projector is similar to the MOKOQI model on the 5th place but has better ratings and reviews from verified customers. It also has a removable cover that projects a starry night sky on walls and ceiling if placed in the center of the room and comes with 4 LED colors: warm white, green, red, and blue.

Unlike the previous MOKOQI model, this projector and night light has a shiny black finish that gives off a sleek look. In addition, it also comes with a lanyard that enables you to hang it in the backyard or take it with you when hiking or camping. Overall, it’s one of the best nightlights for toddlers  due to its sleek design and ease of use.


  • Comes with a timer
  • Can also be used as a lantern


  • 2 of the colors are cold which are not ideal for sleeping babies

1. Safety 1st LED Nightlight

Safety 1st LED Nightlight
The Safety 1st nightlight has a very simple design – in fact, some might even call it unattractive. But if you want a product that only does its job and does it perfectly and safely, this is your best bet. This nightlight features a simple plug and a round LED light that gives off a discreet and unnerving light. The LED lights last about 25% more than standard lights and this whole nightlight costs a staggering 87% less to operate than the average nightlight according to the manufacturer.

And given that safety is the first concern of the manufacturer, this nightlight will stay cool to the touch even after hours of use. Operating it is extremely easy, as the lamp features a sensor which automatically turns it on or off depending on the lighting available in the room. It’s one of the best nightlights for toddlers thanks to the convenience and safety it comes with.


  • Very easy to use and straight-forward.
  • Completely safe for toddlers.
  • Easy on your electric bill.


  • The light sensor might be too sensitive as the lamp can turn itself on if placed in shadowy areas during daytime.


Sleep is an important requirement for kids. As a parent, it is important that you let your kids get enough of it to enhance growth. The best nightlights for toddlers showcased above, like the ones from Savety 1st, Hontry, Cloud B, or VAVA will come in handy when attending to them.

No doubt, these lights create a beautiful ambiance and charm our kids to sleep but safety is also of paramount importance when selecting the most appropriate nightlight for your kids. Have you used any of the nightlights above? Are any of them harmful to kids? Do you think I missed out on a great lamp? Share your experiences, thoughts, and questions by commenting down below.

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