Having a good sleep routine will facilitate the efficient functioning of a baby’s growth hormones and a healthy development. Some of the best nightlights for toddlers combine gentle, warm lights with soft music and other soothing sounds to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

This makes them very helpful when you are off to your bedroom but nonetheless, want your kid to sleep soundly and reap all the benefits this brings.  So here are the best nightlights for toddlers to light up their nights:

14. MICCKE LED Night Light

MICCKE LED Night Light for toddlers and kids

This nightlight is as decorative as it is useful as it emits a gentle but much-needed light for toddlers who might wake up in the middle of the night to get some water or go to the bathroom.

The MICCKE light also displays a variety of colors which will help you change diapers without having to switch on the main room light. Additionally, the lamp is easily portable but still has a sturdy built.


  • Simple, yet adorable design
  • Gives off just enough light for parents to check on the toddler during the night and even change a diaper, if needed
  • Thanks to the matte material, it gives off a very gentle light that doesn’t bother babies


  • The color change is quite harsh as the shades don’t bleed into one another but instead change suddenly
  • It can only be set on white if you want a single color
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13. Projectable Tropical Fish LED – Toddler Night Light Projector

Projectables 11296 Tropical Fish LED Plug-In Night Light

Jasco’s nightlight device is a true wonder as it can easily adapt to your toddler’s preferences with its varied projectables (DC or Marvel fan, Disney or fish?).

Aside from being able to showcase a beautiful coral reef scene or depict your favorite heroes,  this toddler nightlight projector also has an ambient sensor that will have it automatically power on at dusk and power off at dawn.

It’s a plug-in nightlight too, meaning that it doesn’t need batteries, and it can accommodate a variety of projectable discs so you can easily change the imagery. Its ease of use and variety of options make it one of the best nightlights for toddlers, hands down.


  • The light is intense enough to project an image on a 10ft high ceiling
  • Bright enough to offer guidance for walking around during the night
  • The double axis articulation of the projector allows you to place it virtually anywhere in the room


  • Several users complained that the images are blurry
  • The color in the images might fade out over time
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12. Star Sky Projecting Lamp Soft Night Light

The MOKOQI is a bedroom lighting fixture that serves both as a projector and a source of light. This is because it can emit a soft light, very useful during the night, that you can also program to cycle through its other 8 colors.

Still, its most attractive feature is its ability to project celestial bodies onto the roof of the room giving your kid the impression of sleeping under the sky at night.

Another great thing about the MOKOQI is that is can be powered by either AAA batteries or an electric or USB cord.


  • Easy to control and setup through its 3 buttons
  • Its beautiful design is also very durable thanks to its high-quality construction


  • Once burned out, you cannot replace the light sources inside
  • Some users consider it to be cheaply made
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11. Zitrades Rainbow Crib Night Light

Practical choice!

Motion Sensor Night Light Warm White

The Zitrades Rainbow Crib Night Light couldn’t miss from our list of best nightlight for toddlers as it is certainly one of the interesting ones in the lot nowadays. This lighting fixture is creatively designed to stir the imaginative side of your toddler, but can also be used for babies too.

Still, the real charm of this Zitrades lighting device lies in its array of soft and pastel lights projected by its smiley face.

What’s more, the gadget has ambient and sound sensors that will have it go on or off depending on whether it’s day or night and will also switch it on if the baby cries at night.

The Zitrades rainbow light is a plugin device, so you won’t have to worry about changing batteries or a non-functional power cord.


  • Comes with a great design and vibrant colors
  • The Voice and Light sensor control make it a smart device too
  • It is cool to the touch and made from non-toxic materials (ABS and PS)


  • It might emit a too bright light for some rooms or toddlers
  • Doesn’t have an on/off switch so you must unplug it to turn it off completely
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10. Ocean Wave Projector

Plays music!

LBell Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector

Nothing helps drive kids faster to sleep than a lullaby and some soft mood lights, and this is what the Ocean Wave Projector delivers exceptionally well, so it definitely couldn’t miss from this list of best nightlights for toddlers.

It comes with a built-in music player, which means you can plug in a music source so this nightlight will take your kids to slumberland in no time. No need to worry if the musical score is not ready yet, as there are four lullabies already stored in the device’s memory and ready to use.

The true glamour of this nightlight, however, comes up when the sun goes down. Through its 7 lighting modes and remote control, this lamp guarantees that the kids will be treated to a pleasant musical and visual experience before falling asleep.

Just lay your baby in the crib, and let him or her dream!

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  • Comes with an auto-off timer with 3 functions
  • You can easily choose your preferred lighting modes and tilt the lamp up to 45 degrees
  • The remote can be used to turn the device on and off, adjust the volume, and more


  • Has a pretty short remote control range
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9. SOAIY Projection LED Night Light Lamp

SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Toddler Night Light Lamp

You won’t be surprised that this is amongst the best nightlights for toddlers after hearing more about it. Let’s begin by pointing out that this projector can send beautiful Aurora waves across the walls of the room.

The device has a built-in speaker so you can plug in a phone and play comforting music to put the tots to sleep.

It also comes with 8 eight different lighting options, including solid and multicolored, adjustable illuminating angles, and an automatic timer.


  • Automatic shut-off (after an hour)
  • It comes with a universal power cord as it is USB-powered
  • FDA-approved as safe for use


  • Might have a rather short lifespan, with some users claiming that it stopped working within days of receiving it
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8. GUOCHENG Cactus LED Night Light 

Coconut Palm Neon Lights GUOCHENG Decor Light Led Night

This cactus nightlight is less on the spiky and more on the adorable side, and don’t forget useful. It is safe for use in a nursery or bedroom as it doesn’t require cables, cords, or wiring, just 2 AA batteries.

The fact that it is shaped like a cactus also ensures its stability, but you can also hang it where you want to thanks to a specially-placed hole.

This LED light device emits a white and very soft and warm light that creates won’t harm your baby’s eyes and create a warm light ambiance, and the casing itself is non-toxic, durable, and odorless.


  • Made of healthy ABS plastic
  • Has a very cute and lightweight design
  • Features an ON/OFF switch and runs on batteries


  • You might have to change the batteries quite often
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7. VAVA Baby LED Night Light

VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights for Kids

This VAVA nightlight gathered tremendous amounts of praise from parents regarding its safety features, illuminating power, and user-friendliness.

Its brightness and array of light colors are controlled by touching the top of the lamp and or the VAVA logo as, for example, double tapping the logo will send it to sleep.

Manufactured from a combination of polymers, this lamp should also be safe and resistant enough to play around with.

At maximum brightness, the lamp can last up to 5 hours, but this time significantly increases to 80 (hours) when running at minimum brightness. It can also be easily recharged.

Another great thing about this nightlight is that it is IP65 waterproof and portable, so you can take it with you even if you go camping in the backyard or on an adventure.

With such nifty features, it’s not a surprise the VAVA nightlight is a favorite amongst many parents and kids alike and is considered one of the best nightlights for toddlers.

No products found.


  • A charge can last for days (or nights) on end
  • The color can be adjusted between a warmer or a cooler shade and from a dimmer to a brighter light
  • You get expression stickers with the lamp, to personalize it as you want


  • Might have some stability issues
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6. MOKOQI Rotating Projector & Baby Night Light

Mokoqi Star Light Rotating Projector

This egg-shaped projector displays soothing starry patterns and comes with multiple color options. It uses an outer cover to project its star & moon shapes, which can be removed if you want to use it as a gentle nightlight.

Additionally, this night lamp also rotates and it can be programmed to run between 5 and 995 minutes, which makes it very convenient and energy-efficient.

This nightlight can be powered via USB cable or with AAA batteries. Be sure to use an overnight diaper, lay your baby down to sleep, and let this nightlight do its job.


  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Features an ON/OFF button
  • Multiuse (nightlight, projector) with a variety of color and pattern combinations


  • Needs to be placed in the center of the room to project correctly
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5. VAVA VA-CL006 Nursing Night Light

VAVA VA-CL006 Night Lights for Kids with Stable Charging Pad

This VAVA nightlight is similar to the previously-presented VAVA model but comes with a more stable rechargeable base that should prevent it from toppling over, for one. It is made of toy-grade ABS and PP materials and gives a gentle, warm glow that doesn’t flicker or hurt the eyes.

The VA-CL006 is rechargeable and a single charge can last between 6 and 200 hours, depending on the intensity of light.

In addition, this lamp is waterproof and also comes with a silicone handle that can be used while camping or hiking, as it is a perfect device for both outdoors and indoors use. Another feature we really like about this lamp is its SOS signal mode which can be used in case of emergency.

No products found.


  • Waterproof and high-quality construction
  • It can be used indoors as well as outdoors
  • Energy efficient and comes with a stable charging base included


  • Its light might be brighter than expected
  • There are several reports of its having stopped working in around a month after purchase
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4. Cloud B Twilight Turtle

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic Night Light Soother for Toddlers

This adorable night lamp is a fantastic source of light for infants, kids, and adults alike. What the Twilight Turtle does is project alluring colors onto the walls and ceilings of a room.

The colors emitted are mild enough to allow kids to sleep soundly and creates a soothing and tranquil environment. This plush turtle can also light up the room like a planetarium.

To kids, the nightlight can also serve as a toy. With a 45-minute uptime, toddlers will no longer complain that they are afraid of the dark.


  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with 3 light settings and 5+ real constellations
  • This nightlight is also interactive as children can play with it


  • Requires a screwdriver to change the battery (and some claim you have to use it quite often)
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3. Hontry Rotating Night Light & Projector

Hontry Newest Night Light

This Hontry nightlight and projector comes with a removable cover that can project a starry night sky on walls and ceiling if placed in the center of the room.

It comes with 4 LED colors: warm white, green, red, and blue. This nightlight has various other great features, ones which include a noiseless motor, and a programmable timer.

In addition, it also comes with a lanyard that enables you to hang it in the backyard or take it with you when hiking or camping.

All its features come wrapped up in a shiny black finish that gives this nightlight a sleek look.


  • Ease of function (only 4 buttons)
  • Can also be used as a lantern and taken outside


  • Not that strongly built
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2. Safety 1st LED Nightlight

Budget option!

Safety 1st LED Nightlight

The Safety 1st nightlight has a very simple design – in fact, some might even call it unattractive. But if you want a product that only does its job and does it perfectly and safely, then you should definitely go for it.

This nightlight is basically a simple plug with a round LED light that gives off a discreet and unnerving light.

Given that safety is the primary concern of the manufacturer, this nightlight will stay cool to the touch even after hours of use.

Operating it is extremely easy as well, as the lamp includes a sensor which automatically turns it On or Off depending on the lighting available in the room. It’s one of the best nightlights for toddlers despite or perhaps because of its simple design.


  • Very easy to use and straight-forward
  • Completely safe for toddlers
  • The LEDs last a reported 25 times longer than standard lights


  • Not as bright as expected
  • Its sensor might malfunction and keep the nightlight on even during the day
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1. Hatch Baby Rest 3-in-1 Night Light

Budget option!

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

The Hatch Baby Rest nightlight will grow with your baby. It is a 3-in-1 product as it can be used as a sound machine for your baby, nightlight, and gentle time-to-rise alert for older kids, which can be remotely controlled from an interactive app on your smartphone.

It is a great nightlight for small kids and toddlers alike as it performs a nightlight’s basic functions and some more. It offers soft light and white noise for your little angel, it offers a soothing light for kids that are (still) afraid of the dark, and acts as a time-to-rise alert for a preschooler.

And for your peace of mind the Hatch Baby Rest nightlight comes with a toddler lock to keep it safe in your toddler’s hands. The product also has multiple night colors to better match it to your kid’s room, which you can customize from your phone and, thanks to its “Okay to get up” feature, the Hatch Baby Rest is a great tool for exhausted parents that need a prop to help teach their toddlers to wake up at set hours.


  • Soothing sound machine and nightlight
  • Multiple background sounds and nightlight colors
  • Sanity-saving “Okay to get up” feature
  • Device can be remotely accessed from your phone (via Bluetooth connectivity)
  • Great value for the price


  • White sound may be a bit too loud on the lowest setting
  • Device collects too much background info, including child’s name and gender, your GPS location, child’s sleep and feeding times, and more
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Off to a Good Night’s Sleep!

Sleep is an important requirement for kids and as a parent, you should help your kids get enough of it to enhance their growth.

No doubt, all of these lights create a beautiful ambiance and can charm our kids into sleep, but safety is also of paramount importance when selecting the best nightlights for toddlers.

Have you used any of the nightlights above and consider we missed out on a great lamp? Share your experiences, thoughts, and questions by commenting down below.

Editor's note: this post was first uploaded in October
2017 and has received multiple updates, including
the most recent one in November 2019.


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