Whether you are new at this parenting thing, or you have a fifth little one running around, we have some suggestions for best toys for 9 month old that you can use to develop their life skills.

What Skills Is a 9-month-old Learning Right Now?

Your child will benefit most from toys that encourage skills that they are naturally developing at this stage. These include crawling, pulling themselves up on furniture, and developing fine motor. The following list contains some of the best toys for 9 month old to both teach and entertain. Get ready for some camera-ready moments as they discover the world around them through.

5. Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks

These colorful and engaging blocks not only entertain, they teach your child all about fine motor manipulation and shape recognition. The adorably durable box contains a handle for easy transport to and from the many rooms they will be traveling to.

The Fisher Price name provides some of the best toys for 9 month old and inspires confidence that developmental milestones will be a breeze with their high quality toys.


  • Helps to promote fine motor skills and shape recognition
  • Vibrant colors and soft edges for easy gripping


  • Small number of blocks in comparison to other comparable sets
  • Child may experience frustration at not being able to match shapes immediately
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4. Top Bright Soft Cloth Books

It's never to early to foster a love of reading - studies show that regular exposure to literature, even as infants, is known to promote a higher appreciation for reading and better success in school.

These soft, brightly colored books are durable enough for your ruddiest reader, yet manageable by fingers that are just learning to grip.

Engaging images and simple text make reading accessible to all; it's fun to connect with your little ones through reading!


  • Encourages sensory development and mastery of fine motor skills
  • Bright colors make books attractive to children


  • May be considered pricey for some families
  • Limited number of books may seem monotonous after you've read several times
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3. VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker

Didn't we have it easy when they would lie in a swing or a seat all day? Now that they are more mobile, we have to be on our toes to encourage their mobility and keep our kiddos safe at play.

The Vtech Sit To Stand Learning Walker provides a wonderful transition for those who are making the switch from crawling to standing.

One of the best toys for 9 month old, it encourages independence and creativity by giving your child choices when playing

Brightly colored manipulatives, sound and lights make for hours of entertainment as they master movement and balance. A word of caution to you parents: Don't let Junior use this one unsupervised if they are starting to pull themselves up!


  • Sturdy construction; all plastic
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • Requires extra care on non-carpeted surfaces
  • Chance of injury if child leans on the walker too heavily
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2. Sassy Stacks Of Circles Stacking Ring

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Stacking toys are suitable for kids ages 6 months and up; this colorful and stimulating set is no exception.

Containing non-toxic chemicals and a variety of textures, it will provide hours of fun for your little one who is learning to work with hands and fingers.


  • A variety of colors and textures stimulate the senses
  • Voted one of the best toys for 9 month old children by Parent Magazine


  • May be too simple for older children
  • Cloth pieces can tear with heavy or excessive use
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1. Melissa and Doug Pull-Back Vehicles

What comprehensive list would be complete without the consummate professionals at Melissa and Doug? These soft, attractive and colorful cars are perfect for boys and girls alike; feel free to hold relay races as you delight in seeing your child's reaction to the fast and furious fun.


  • Colorful and soft
  • No parts that could scratch or harm users


  • Some cars may not work as described
  • Large design make some cars hard to pick up with little hands
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Be Ready for Some Serious Fun!

These best toys for 9 month old are bound to provide not only premium entertainment, but optimal opportunities for development and growth.

Your little one will delight in the growth and discovery of new abilities and mastery of skills that will set him up for success. Enjoy the journey, and celebrate each "aha" moment with your precious child!

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