One of the best ways to get baby to sleep longer and bit more soundly is with the use of a sleep sack or a swaddler. We’re here with the best swaddlers that can also be used as sleep sacks, or just plain old sleep sacks.

The following list of best swaddlers sleep sacks will help you to provide that warmth and comfort that they grew to love so well in the womb, giving you peace of mind that they are safe, comfortable, and developing good sleep habits that they can carry with them as they grow.

10. Muslin Swaddle Baby Blanket

This multi-pack of blankets ensures that you always have something clean and comfortable for your baby to be wrapped in.

They are machine washable, and they get softer with each wash, so your baby will be wrapped in the snuggly goodness no matter what comes your way in a given day.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Hard to check diapers when baby is fully swaddled
  • Not as soft as some other blankets
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9. Love To Dream Swaddle Up 50/50 Original

One of the best swaddlers sleep sacks in existence, the Love To Dream line is the perfect transition from full swaddling to independent sleeping.

Unzippable arms allow baby to raise and lower arms, touch their cheeks, and suck their thumb. A unique blend of cotton and elastane ensure that baby stays warm and comfortable all night long.


  • Best transition from swaddling to sleeping with a blanket
  • Easy to check baby's diaper with size zipper closure


  • Not suitable for wriggly babies
  • Some babies may not like the sensation of free arms
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8. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 3-PK

SwaddleMe Original blankets come with a simply designed velcro closure for easy swaddling. A soft cotton blend is easy on baby's sensitive skin, and and the snug fit cut makes it one of the best swaddlers sleep sacks on the market today.


  • Comes with a velcro fastener to make swaddling easy and efficient
  • Multiple cute design options


  • Velcro closure wakes up baby
  • Blankets don't necessarily hold their shape well
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7. Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket By Margaux & McCay

This lovable swaddle blanket is made from soft, breathable fabric to prevent baby from overheating. It can double as a play mat, a stroller cover, or even as a blanket for older children. Large sizes grow with your baby and provide extra space for movement.


  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Grows with your baby


  • Too big for small babies
  • Considered too expensive by some
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6. Kaydee Baby Organic Muslin Cotton Swaddle Blankets

Kaydee Breathable swaddler is made from light and breathable muslin cotton; its soft and snuggly goodness keeps your baby clean, dry, and comfortable all night long - or at least until nap time is over.

Large size makes it big enough to accommodate bigger babies, and it can be used as a blanket, stroller cover, or a changing station if needed.


  • Comes in a pack of two blankets
  • Grows with your child


  • Fabric considered to thin by some
  • Softness wears out after several washes
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5. Woombie Original Nursery Swaddling Blanket

One of the best swaddlers sleep sacks for ease of dressing and movement, it snuggles baby up for a long night of peaceful sleep.

The blanket keeps restless arms and legs in check, while stretchy fabric is reminiscent of comforting time in the womb. Two-way zip closures make it easier to change baby, even in the middle of the night.


  • Machine washable
  • Convenient for midnight diaper changes


  • Some children don't like stretchy fabric
  • May run a little big for smaller babies
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4. Miracle Blanket Swaddle

Miracle blanket is made from a soft breathable material that keeps baby at a comfortable temperature any time of day or night.

A long piece of fabric wraps around the blanket and secures tightly for maximum comfort and security. No velcro or zip closures means that even when adjusting baby and checking diapers in the middle of the night, your baby will remain blissfully unaware of your presence.


  • Triple arm flap design to secure baby
  • Multiple color options


  • This blanket not for beginner swaddlers
  • Fabric loses its shape after multiple washes
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3. SwaddleMePod 2 Pack

A blend of cotton and spandex combine for breathable comfort and secure fit in one of the best swaddlers sleep sacks; a womb-like feeling ensures that your baby will be soothed and sleep soundly.

Simple to swaddle and providing easy access to soiled diapers via the two sided zipper, it will fast become one of your favorites when nap time rolls around.


  • Good for preemies and small infants
  • Two way zipper allows for diaper changes


  • Does not grow with baby
  • May feel too restrictive for some children
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2. Habibee Newborn Swaddle Blanket

This blanket is supremely soft against baby's sensitive skin. Stretchy fabric provides the ultimate womb-like feeling as a perfect transition from you to the outside world.

Beautiful patterns and decorative patterns provide style and comfort so your baby looks darling even during nap time.


  • Comes in an array of beautiful patterns and colors
  • Super soft, stretchy fabric


  • Headbands do not fit snugly around the head
  • Comes in a three pack; not available for purchase in singles
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1. HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle

This two-in-one design offers all the comfort and amenities of both sleep sack and swaddle blanket. Allows for both containment of the arms as well as arms out for transition between swaddling and sleep sack.

A velcro enclosure ensures a snug fit and dual zipper sides offer an easy access to diaper and clothing changes.


  • Great for winter months
  • Offers features of both swaddler and sleep sack


  • Velcro might wake baby
  • Not a large array of styles and colors
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We know that sleep time and nap time can be frustrating for parents and children alike; these best swaddlers sleep sacks are designed to help your baby rest and sleep in comfort and safety. Now if they would just make one for adults, we'd all be happier! Sweet dreams!

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