Few toys are as loved and cherished as our stuffed animals. Young and old appreciate the comfort and cuteness of a wonderful, plush toy. An integral part of the play process, stuffed animals provide children with the opportunity to develop attachments, to learn about the natural world around them, and to care for something other than themselves.

Developmental Benefits of Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals can provide other developmental benefits for children as well. These include:

  • Opportunity to develop attachments
  • Helping them care about something other than themselves
  • Helping to ease separation anxiety and deal with stressful situations
  • Learning new social skills
  • Playing and using the imagination better

Not all stuffed animals are created equal, however. Some are ridiculously overpriced, while others fall apart at the first sign of wear and tear. Parents need to be on the lookout for safety hazards, even on these soft and squishy toys. to prevent choking and other injuries.

The following list of recommendations contains stuffed animals that are endorsed and approved by parents and children alike. They provide hours of fun and comfort, and they last through endless naps, mud puddle play time and tumbles through the dryer. Enjoy the nostalgia of looking through these best stuffed animals options for your child. Who knows? You may decide to pick one up for yourself.

8. Aurora Flopsies

Aurora has an extensive line of Flopsies; cute and cuddly animals that are unique, like your child. An array of sizes ranging from 8 inch to 27 inch provide options for customizable play.

Soft stuffed plush bodies and bean-filled limbs are responsible for the near perfect flopping action that makes these stuffies so cuddly and lovable.


  • All eyes and noses are doubly secured to prevent choking hazards
  • Prices for all three sizes are quite reasonable


  • Mixed filling materials may not be pleasant for some children
  • Not washing machine or dryer safe; hard to clean
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7. GUND Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant

Flappy is no ordinary elephant; he sings, he interacts with your child, and he covers his eyes with his big flappy ears. Over 2000 positive reviews on Amazon.com make this one of the best stuffed animal options for parents and children alike.

Flappy has won the praise of Creative Child Magazine and the Tillywig Toy Awards, making him an excellent choice as one of the best stuffed animals for interactive play. A truly unique toy that won't break the bank, Flappy will be a wonderful companion for years of imaginative play.


  • Interactive nature of the toy keeps children engaged
  • Soft and huggable


  • Batteries are required for interactive play
  • No volume control settings
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6. Plush Treehouse with Animals

What child ever reports that they have "enough" stuffed animals. At last count around our house, there were about 250 floating around in various places.

This multi-piece plush set features woodland animals and a plush log to boot - designed for hours of playtime fun, it is a toy that more than one sibling can use and enjoy. The only problem that might arise is arguing over who gets to play with "who"!


  • Multi-piece set encourages cooperative and interactive play
  • No batteries or mechanisms that could malfunction


  • Packing errors sometimes result in five of the same animal
  • PVC pellets inside the plush animals present a choking hazard to younger children
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5. Melissa And Doug Jumbo Stuffed Animals

If you are looking for an over the top plaything and gift to give your child, the Melissa and Doug jumbo stuffed animal collection does not disappoint. Ranging in height from 2 feet to over 4 feet tall, these adorable characters are as huggable as they are massive.

Melissa and Doug commitment to quality ensures that they provide some of the highest quality, best stuffed animals for children. They are built to last over sturdy wire frames with a soft and pliable polyester fabric; they'll provide hours of fun and imaginative play for you and your little ones.


  • Large variety of giant characters allows your child to find their perfect fit
  • Surface-washable; air dry


  • Are not meant to be ridden or used for standing
  • Price is higher than the average stuffed animal
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4. Wild Republic

Wild Republic has a 40 year tradition of producing quality toys that stimulate the imagination and inspire children's interest in the natural world around them, making them one of the best stuffed animals companies in the business.

Among the most popular is the Stuffed Sloth, receiving rave reviews on Amazon from over 1400 customers. A soft, velvety exterior covers mountains of plush softness, making for a comforting and cuddly toy that can be used equally well by day or as a companion at night.


  • Realistic detailing is appealing and educational to children
  • Pricing is very reasonable for all sizes


  • Some buyers report shedding of "fur"
  • Not machine-washable or dryer safe
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3. ebba Lil Benny Phant

Isn't it interesting that we perceive something so large and massive as cute and cuddly? Elephants, for some reason, are irresistible to us, and this adorable stuffie is no exception.

9 inches of stuffed bliss is enough to make children squeal with delight and adults smile as Benny works his way into the hearts of everyone who sees him.


  • Buttery-soft fabric exterior makes him the perfect cuddle companion
  • An array of colors to please almost everyone


  • Not intended for washing machine or dryer use
  • Not as "fancy" as other stuffed animals
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2. Fingerlings Hugs

No products found.

An offshoot of the Fingerlings finger toys that were popular back in 2017, this adorable stuffed plushie comes complete with long arms for hugging and cuddling.

Another bonus of this Fingerling product is that it is animated; it will respond to your child's motions, touches, and sounds.

Playing catch, a game of tickle, and even peek a boo are all fun and interactive ways to enjoy this wonderful toy.


  • Many interactive functions for hours of engaging play
  • Online instructional video to better understand all the possibilities for play


  • Complexity of the toy could cause more malfunctions
  • Batteries required for interactive functions
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1. EpicKids Stuffed Penguin Mr. Chil

Mr. Chil is easily one of the most raved about, best stuffed animals on the internet.

The smaller size of this stuffie makes it the perfect companion toy for running errands, taking to daycare, or bringing on vacation.

Soft and huggable plush construction make him an instant hit for anyone six months of age and older.


  • Facial expression is a hit with everyone who sees him
  • Made with no choking hazards


  • Price seems high for such a small toy
  • Not as intricate or fancy as other toys on the list
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Will It Make Its Way into Your Bed?

Regardless of which stuffed animal companion you choose for your child, there is bound to be a bit of emotion that it carries for you too.

Stuffed animals are a happy and comforting part of childhood for many of us, and we seek to provide those same positive experiences for our children as they grow and develop as well.

Hopefully this list of best stuffed animals will give you the opportunity to gift your child with the same happy experience. Careful that they don't make their way into your bed!

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