Your feet take a beating as you go through life; they are with you every step of the way as you walk, run, work, play, and even climb mountains. They deserve a little care and pampering from time to time; it’s essential that you invest some care in these beautiful feet to keep them healthy as you age – like getting a pair of the best shoes for pregnancy.

Pregnant feet deserve even more care and attention than regular feet do; it’s time to put away the stilettos and scrappy sandals that you love so much and choose comfort and function over style. You don’t have to completely sacrifice style during this exciting time in your life, but comfort should be key as you protect yourself and your growing baby in anticipation of more exciting times to come.

5. Skechers Women’s Sport Empire by Skechers

There is a reason this shoe is on the best shoes for pregnancy; it offers unparalleled support that only an athletic shoe can.

With a soft knit fabric upper and a cushioned insole designed to support where mommy needs it, this will be one shoe that you want to wear daily.


  • Slip on for easy access
  • Cooled memory foam cushion inside


  • May get too hot or tight on swollen feet
  • Sizing runs a little off; check before ordering
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4. TOMS Women's Classic Flats

This comfort-fit foot shoe allows for a little bit of growth - and swelling. There is bound to be some of both, mom, as you expect the arrival of your little one.

With an elastic V panel to help you peel them on and off, and a variety of colors, you can purchase a few and be at the ready for any outfit that is comfortable enough to wear. Voted one of the best shoes for pregnancy by Parent magazine.


  • Slip on for convenience
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Canvas material may stretch too far to continue wearing
  • Bottom of the shoe is slippery when wet
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3. Lucky Brand Women's Lucky Emmie Ballet Flat

This comfort ready shoe is ready for casual day wear or a night on the town; with a memory foam insole and a variety of breathable textures, you are bound to find something that you consider attractive and functional all at the same time.


  • Lightly padded foot bed
  • Comes in half and whole sizes


  • Shoes stain easily; difficult to clean up
  • Wears out quickly
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2. Orthaheel Tide Slide Orthopedic Sandals

When nothing else will fit anymore, and you just don't feel like bending down and wrestling with putting something on your foot, this sandal is a winner.

One of our favorite best shoes for pregnancy, EVA orthodox midsoles help to realign your feet and ankles, providing welcome relief on weary joints.

added comfort straps ensure that they won't come off until you decide they will. Enjoy this little breather from regular footwear with these wonderful sandals.


  • EVA midsoles help with realignment
  • Easily cleaned with a damp cloth


  • High arches might make some uncomfortable
  • No half sizes available
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1. Crocs Womens Kadee Flat

If you happen to be working in your third trimester, this shoe is one of the best shoes for pregnancy; it provides comfort and style that are needed to make you feel beautiful.

This extremely lightweight shoe provides support and security; slingback design keeps it securely on your foot as you rush around making last minute preparations for baby.


  • Lightweight for comfort
  • Waterproof, cleans up easily


  • Not available in half or wide sizes
  • Narrow fitting in the toe area
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While you can't necessarily control the amount of swelling and discomfort your feet will experience during pregnancy, you can take care of those precious feet and surround them with comfortable and stylish shoes that will walk you through every experience along the way. With these best shoes for pregnancy, you're likely to be stylish and comfortable right up to delivery day!

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