Congratulations! You’re expecting… and whether it’s your first or your fifth, there is cause for celebration. As you contemplate welcoming your new little one into the world, consider all of the ways that you need to prepare and all of the information you will have to assimilate in order to be the rockstar parent that you dream of becoming.

Oh shoot… you have a lot of work to do, don’t you?

Relax, sit down, and take a few minutes to peruse this list. With all of the sitting and resting that you’ll be doing in between marathon sessions of nesting (don’t worry, we’ll cover this later), you’ll have some time to read this list of best pregnancy books so that you can have a few more tips for navigating the sometimes-murky waters of parenthood. Grab a glass of lemonade, put your feet up, and dive into this exciting new “chapter” of your life:

5. What To Expect When You’re Expecting

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This fifth edition twist on an old classic has some rock solid foundational information with a few new twists for newly expectant parents.

Detailed information on pregnancy, nursing, and medical coverage help even the most inexperienced mother to find her way through the first formative months of pregnancy and beyond.

An engaging section for dads helps them to cope with changing emotions and hormones that otherwise might confuse him.


  • Frequently updated editions to reflect the most current practices
  • Easily broken into sections that can be referenced according to need


  • Earlier versions make even updates seem obsolete
  • Website contains much of the same information as the book
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4. The Mama Natural: A Week by Week Guide To Pregnancy And Childbirth

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The author of one of the best pregnancy books of our time, Genevive Howland, also runs a funny and informative YouTube channel detailing endearing and entertaining pregnancy moments for moms.

Her conversational tone and down-to-earth advice are coveted and sought after by many mothers, both new and seasoned.

It contains over 530 illustrations for activities that mom and baby can engage in to calm body and mind, both essential in this critical time of growth for both of you.


  • Contains positive birth stories that inspire and motivate new mothers as they ponder childbirth
  • Weekly recipes section gives week-to-week tips on what baby needs for health and development


  • Considered expensive by some
  • Brightly colored pages can be hard to focus on
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3. Yeah, BABY!

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World-renowned fitness guru Jillian Michaels has written a pregnancy book? Believe it or not, she has had real life experience with two pregnancies, having successfully recreated herself after each one.

Providing realistic tips and solid advice for any mom seeking to rock it after the birth of her baby, she shares everything from nutrition plans to expectant mom advice with regard to what is happening to body, mind and spirit at this time.

Known as one of the best pregnancy books for those concerned with health and fitness, Jillian provides real life support and advice for "fitting it all in", even after baby arrives.


  • Expert tips by doctors and dietitians designed for mom and baby
  • Conversational, witty tone makes it easy to read


  • Book emphasizes use of organic products, which might not be feasible for some
  • Can be perceived as autobiographical in nature
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2. Expecting Better: Why Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong, And What You Really Need To Know

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Considered one of the best pregnancy books of our time, this book busts through "conventional" pregnancy wisdom and begins to debunk many myths that surround pregnancy, birth and delivery.

It will guide you with new principles on nutrition, activity, and mental health and wellness as you enter a new chapter of your life.

While the price of this book may be higher than others on this list, it contains very valuable information that puts to rest commonly held beliefs by your mother and grandmother - it's not their pregnancy anymore!


  • Divided into short sections that are easy to read
  • Debunks many myths surrounding pregnancy and motherhood


  • Some sections of the book are not backed by facts
  • Print is unclear in some sections of the book
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1. The Girlfriend's Guide To Pregnancy

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If you want a hilarious book to read while navigating the ups and downs of pregnancy, this is one of the best pregnancy books you can read.

This is the stuff that your doctor just won't - or can't - tell you about pregnancy.

From mood swings to pregnancy fashion to birthing options, it will deliver the goods in the style that your girlfriend might chat with you about it. Get ready for a fun, informative, and entertaining read.


  • Very affordable read
  • Shares advice and tips in a fun and humorous way


  • Content focuses a lot on body image; can make mom feel self-conscious
  • The book is meant to be taken lightly; it is not fact-driven
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While even the best pregnancy books cannot prepare you for the wild ride that is motherhood, these witty informative reads can provide you with a skeletal outline that will provide the framework for a seriously fast learning curve. Get ready, anticipate your little one's arrival, and cherish every single blessed moment along the way. You can do this!

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