Why not pamper yourself with some of the best postpartum underwear that can attend to the needs of your body while you preoccupy yourself with feeding Junior? Here are our top pics for best postpartum underwear, and why you need them.

9. Intimate Portal Under The Bump Maternity Panties

Made from 95 percent cotton and spandex for ultimate breathability and comfort, this panty will help you feel more like yourself without putting pressure on your body to conform to its old preferred styles just yet.

It’s low rise in the front and provides full coverage in the back, so it’s suitable for post party as early as leaving the hospital. When your self esteem needs a boost once more, look to the lace edges of this panty to make you feel like the sexy beast that you are.


  • No-pressure; won’t cause pain or tenderness on areas that are healing
  • Low-rise, perfect for fitting snugly under a shrinking baby belly


  • No belly support
  • May have to constantly adjust it when moving around
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8. Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear

Always has been a trusted brand for menstruation for years; they've upped their game by providing disposable underwear for those first few weeks after labor and delivery. One of the little known secrets that moms don't realize until they go through it is the almost constant bleeding that takes place right after delivery.

Even though it is a normal part of the process of having a child, it can be quite inconvenient to manage when you are trying to take care of your baby as well. Always takes care of this with sleek and absorbent underwear that you simply throw away after they have been used. How much easier can that get?


  • Highly absorbent
  • Comes in varied sizes


  • Not flattering
  • Some have reported bleeding and leakage onto clothing
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7. PIDAY Women's Under The Bump Cotton Maternity Hipsters Panties

This multi-pack of panties may raise a red flag at first for their economy price, but the made-in-China wonder really does come complete with quality construction and maximum comfort.

Due to its international nature, make sure you pick accurate sizing charts when ordering, or you're bound to get a few surprises in the mail.


  • Practically seamless
  • Made from breathable cotton


  • Doesn't use US sizing chart
  • May take awhile to get after ordering
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6. Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear

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You can feel feminine again without trying to sport the teeny tiny panties you had before pregnancy with this best postpartum underwear.

A comfortable and wide elastic band complete with all the lace trimmings conforms to the natural shape of your body.

Roomy enough to accommodate even the thickest postpartum pad, it is still discreet enough to be worn under almost anything.


  • Wide and comfortable waistband
  • Beautiful lacy trimming


  • Really small leg holes
  • Can easily lose its shape after washing
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5. Motherhood Maternity 3 Pack Fold Over Brief Panties

This is one of the most comfortable and most positively reviewed for best postpartum underwear on the market today.

Large enough to keep you from feeling self conscious about leaks, they are super soft and comfortable against your skin.

Forget about all of those former misconceptions about "granny panties"--once you try these comfortable beauties, you won't care what others are saying.


  • Stretchy and soft
  • Retain their shape well


  • They leave visible panty lines
  • Some report that they are too much like granny panties
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4. CYEVA Postpartum Underwear Disposable Nylon Panties

If you don't have any of those premium hospital disposable mesh panties lying around anymore, perhaps you would consider giving these a try.

Unlike other disposables, you can wash them a few times and still get them to retain their shape. They are not designed for long term use, however - these are for the first few weeks of heavy and intense bleeding that we all need to get through as part of the healing process.

Made in China, they may not run true to size, so make sure you have a conversion chart so that you can obtain proper sizing.


  • Can be washed and reused a few times
  • Retain their shape pretty well


  • They don't run true to size
  • Coming from China; shipping may take awhile
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3. GiftPocket Women's Low Rise Underwear

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With a smooth and seamless waistband that is suitable for almost all postpartum mothers, this underwear is designed to fit just under the bump and provide comforting and complete protection.

A breathable blend of cotton and spandex keep you feeling fresh and clean all day long. A fun array of colors and sizes make it attractive for all moms looking for postpartum protection.


  • Comes in cute and fun colors
  • Stays put regardless of low rise design


  • Doesn't provide full rear coverage
  • Some may find the low rise design inconvenient and uncomfortable
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2. Hanky Panky Women's Low Rise Organic Cotton Thongs

While these undies are not necessarily practical for those first few weeks at home with baby, you need something in your wardrobe to help you feel sleek and stylish again.

Studies have shown that loving and caring for yourself during the postpartum period helps to alleviate symptoms of postpartum depression; the incredibly comfortable cotton blend will stay in place while helping you to feel better about yourself and your new rockstar role as mom.


  • Very stylish
  • Comfortable blend stays put when on; doesn't need constant adjusting


  • Not practical for all postpartum needs
  • Rather pricey when compared to other brands
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1. NBB Women's Adjustable Maternity Panties Over Bump Brief

The last thing you need to worry about with all the other demands of motherhood is having to deal with a muffin top - that unsightly roll over your panties and pants that makes you feel unattractive and self conscious.

The NBB brief gives you the adjustable support of a high waisted panty without looking to daudy. Stretchy front panel is perfect if you are in the trenches of pregnancy or if you have already delivered your bundle of joy. It is the best postpartum underwear for coverage and support.


  • Very breathable and soft
  • Retains its shape well


  • Shrinks after washing
  • Fabric may pill over time
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One thing you can cross off your list with our list is finding the best postpartum underwear for your healing and support. With our stylish and comfortable options, you can focus on your little one and take pride in the fact that you are doing something good for yourself as well. You go, girl!

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