Mom, you are a superhero who wears burp cloths and nursing bras; prepare to soldier through and learn the nuances of breast feeding. We are here to provide you with tips for soothing those nips; read on to find out more about how to survive your first few months of breast feeding and the best organic nipple creams for you and baby.

5. Motherlove Nipple Cream

This soothing salve is a blend of organic olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, and marshmallow root.

All ingredients are certified safe for ingestion, so they won’t be harmful to baby if you don’t have time to wash yourself before feeding.

It has the consistency of a light ointment, so it won’t mess up your bras and shirts, and it won’t cause a sticky, uncomfortable feeling in between feedings.


  • Smooth application that does not tug on sore nipples
  • Leftover ointment can be used as a diaper rash cream


  • Some babies may not like the smell
  • Jar does not come with an attached safety seal
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4. Lansinoh Breast Feeding Salve

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This cream is suitable for use by mother and baby; it contains 100 percent pure lanolin, which comes from sheep. Endorsed by La Leche League International (a big deal for breastfeeding mothers), it will provide much relief and help to nourish your skin through its roughest feeding sessions.


  • Versatile product can be used as a lotion or a diaper rash cream
  • Unscented; won't offend sensitive noses


  • Thick texture makes it hard to squeeze from the tube
  • Does sometimes leave greasy spots on clothing or linens
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3. Medela Tender Care Lanolin

A blend of rich botanicals and all natural ingredients, Medela is one of the best organic nipple creams for soothing and protecting skin.

It does not have to be removed before feeding, and the blend of ingredients is not distasteful or harmful to baby.

Easy to apply on sore skin and simple to wash off, it has quickly become a preferred brand for many breastfeeding moms.


  • Can also be used to soothe dry and chapped skin on baby
  • More volume in the container makes this a great value


  • Some don't prefer the smell
  • Can leave an oily residue on clothing and linens
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2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter

Unlike lots of other creamy products, this one is not lanolin-based; it is a welcome option for those of us with lanolin allergies.

Gentle enough to use every day, you do not have to wash it off before baby nurses. Gluten-free ingredients like calendula flower extract, coconut and olive oils make it the perfect solution for dry, chapped skin elsewhere too. This is one of the best organic nipple creams with all purpose uses.


  • This does not have a sticky feel to it
  • Non GMO, certified organic product


  • Has a grainy texture that can be bothersome
  • Container does not come with a safety seal
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1. Honest Company Nipple Balm

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This wonderful product is organic and cruelty-free, meaning it has never been tested in animals. Made from food-grade sunflower, coconut, calendula, olive, and tamanu oils, it does not have to be washed off before a feeding. One of the best organic nipple creams for moms who wish to provide the best breastfeeding experience for their baby.


  • Thin consistency makes a little go a long way
  • Multi-purpose product can also be used on cradle cap, eczema, and dry skin


  • Contains coconut oil, which is a known allergen for some
  • Strong odor may be displeasing to some
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Easing the Pain of Breastfeeding

The best way to soothe frayed nerves and sore nipples is through investment in a good nipple cream. What is nipple cream, you ask?

It is a balm specifically designed to soothe and protect nipples against chafing, cracking, and developing sores. You'll need this area in top notch shape if you are going to provide the best nutrition possible for your baby.

What Does Nipple Cream Do?

Nipple cream can soothe, stop, and even prevent dry, cracking and split nipples that can occur from breastfeeding.

If this area of your body has not been stimulated in this way before, you'll soon find out that it can be quite uncomfortable at times when baby roots around looking for a good latch. Don't worry; most nipple creams are made from soothing and beneficial ingredients that will not harm baby, and they can be used as needed or on an ongoing basis.

You are providing something to your child that no one else can, and it has evidence-based benefits that are hard to ignore. Power through, slather on some of these best organic nipple creams that money can buy, and save yourself hours of discomfort.

Invest in Yourself, Improve your Experience

By investing in some of the best organic nipple creams, you are taking care of yourself so that you can take care of nourishing your baby with mother's gold.

It will not only improve your efficiency and comfort, it will enhance the experience for both you and your baby.

You are doing something wonderful for the both of you; cherish this time together, and commit to caring for yourself along the way. You are a superhero!

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