As parents, we seek to give our children the best – the best life at home, the best education, and premium nutrition that will help growing bodies and brains thrive. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to provide our precious children with the superior nutrition that they need – a host of additives, chemicals, and other preservatives compromises the nutritional value of food and causes reactions in the body that are detrimental to our health.

Organic Baby Foods – Is It Really the Way to Go?

For many parents, the idea of feeding organic food to their little ones makes them feel a bit better about meeting all of their nutritional needs. We cannot always identify the source from which our food comes or attest to its purity and the integrity of the company that produces it. Offering fresh, organic options to baby is a better option for better health.

The following list of best organic baby foods is meant to help you, dear parents, make informed decisions when purchasing food for your child. The information contained therein will help to eliminate some of the guesswork when purchasing products for your precious ones, and put them on the path to premium health. Check out these best organic baby foods and start improving baby’s health today:

5. Gerber Organic Single Grain Oatmeal Cereal

Oats are whole grains that contain valuable nutrients and nutrition that our bodies require. The use of oatmeal cereal as a first solid food for babies has a better effect on the digestive tract than other cereals due to its added fiber content and mild laxative effect.

Gerber is a trusted baby brand that has produced quality food and baby products for centuries; this cereal is proof of their commitment to quality and delicious taste.


  • Contains vitamin A to support immune system and eye development
  • Contains vitamins B and C to convert food into energy and promote iron absorption


  • Baby may not need the extra vitamins; they will get filtered out through the kidneys
  • Some babies may find it difficult to digest the grains, as their digestive systems haven’t matured yet
Surprise your kids today: Surprise your kids today:

4. Gerber Organics 2nd Food Baby Food

Breast milk, formula, and cereal are best first foods for babies, but when baby needs a little variation in taste combinations and flavors, these blends are perfect for them.

Delicious flavors like apple, blueberry, spinach, and carrot, apple, mango gently introduce a cornucopia of delicious and healthy flavors that they will learn to savor as they grow. A leader in consistently producing high quality, best organic baby foods, Gerber does not disappoint in this product.


  • Certified non-GMO and organic
  • Package is free from BPA


  • Package can get messy
  • Little fingers sometimes have trouble manipulating the squeezable pouch
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3. Earth's Best Organic Infant Cereal

As your baby grows, so will their appetite. The introduction of a hearty solid cereal to their digestive systems helps to strengthen the immune system and mature the digestive process that they will need for additional foods in the future.

Earth's Best is a trusted brand for parents, producing quality cereal and food combinations that are all natural, organic, and delicious. Your baby will love mealtime with the introduction of this slightly sweet, hearty cereal that will satiate hungry bellies.


  • Fortified with iron
  • Whole grains are grown with no harmful additives or chemical pesticides


  • Some parents report that the multigrain texture was hard on sensitive tummies
  • Has a thicker texture that some babies do not care for
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2. Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouches

Varying your mealtime offerings is key to providing your child with opportunities to develop a taste for healthier fare.

Sprout Organics provides you with the opportunity to serve delicious and nutritions blends three times daily; with no shortage of taste and flavor combinations, you are likely to make these a mealtime staple at your house.


  • Power-pack purees are nationally recognized as being one of the best organic baby foods for their nutritional value
  • Reusable twist off cap makes opening and closing for ongoing snacking; there is less waste


  • Puree options are not always best for toddlers, who must get used to different textures and flavors of real foods
  • A little heavy on the fruit combinations; parents would like to see more veggie combinations provided
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1. Happy Baby Organic Superfood Puffs

When pureed food will no longer cut it for your little one, one of the best organic baby foods to be found is in these delicious and nutritious puffs.

Perfect for cutting those new teeth, or they melt in your mouth with a little watering; the variety of delicious flavors make it the perfect snack for toddlers on the go.


  • Convenient packaging for on the go snacking
  • No need for refrigeration until they are opened


  • Children may not initially like the texture
  • Can easily go bad after opened
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Growing and Thriving with the Highest Quality Nutrition

With organic production and eating gaining momentum, food companies have responded by offering higher quality, more nutritious food for adults and children alike. Only you can decide which one is right for your child, however. This list of best organic baby foods is bound to make one of your parenting jobs a little easier; Bon Appetit!

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