Choosing the right bottle for your baby can be tricky. Some will take any bottle while others will reject multiple until you find just the right one. The chances of bottle rejection go up with breastfed infants.

Glass is considered much healthier to drink from than the plastic which may be the more common option. Though which are the best glass baby bottles?

8. MAM Feel Good Glass Bottle

Cute glass bottles are hard to find which is just one reason that the MAM Feel Good is one of the best glass baby bottles. High-quality and leak-proof, parents are loving these MAM bottles for their little ones.


  • cute unisex hedgehog design
  • high-quality glass
  • lightweight
  • dual venting to prevent colic


  • not great for supporting breastfeeding
  • odd bottle shape more difficult for baby to hold
  • no silicone sleeves available
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7. B&H

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B&H bottles make it so you don’t have to give up on those cute designs just to switch to glass. The two vent system helps prevent gas and colic. Parents are loving these adorable glass bottles.


  • cute animal designs
  • available in 4 and 8 ounce varieties
  • dual air venting in nipples


  • odd nipple design
  • can be leaky
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6. Chicco NaturalFit

Chicco NaturalFit has 2 different nipple shapes to make your life easier. The option allows you to find whether angled or classic straight nipples provide a more comfortable feeding experience with these natural bottles.

They come with a silicone sleeve that is superior to most that come with glass bottles because the measurements on the bottle can still easily be seen. Shape and texture make these bottles one of the easiest to hold.


  • available as 5 or 9 ounce bottles
  • comes with straight and angled nipple
  • soft natural nipple


  • nipple softness makes them prone to collapsing
  • poorly designed air venting system
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5. NUK Simply Natural

NUK Simply Natural are designed to have a natural breast-like feeding experience. Moms are raving that these have the best nipples out there especially for the picky breastfed babies. It’s also one of the most leak-resistant glass bottles on the market making these a high-ranking contender as one of the best glass baby bottles.


  • no leaks
  • breast-like nipple featuring multiple feeding holes
  • available in 4 and 8 ounce varieties


  • low-quality glass tends to crack when it heated
  • thinner glass makes bottles more prone to breaking in case of dropping
  • no flat tops available for traveling with milk
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Check out how to bottle feed a baby the right way in our separate piece here!

4. Philips Avent Natural

Philips Avent Natural are one of the most widely known of the best glass baby bottles. The soft natural nipples are some of the most flexible resulting in a more comfortable feeding for your baby without having to worry about collapsing nipples.


  • air flex vented nipples to reduce gas and colic
  • soft, natural, breast-like nipples
  • available in 4 or 8 ounce varieties
  • heat and thermal shock resistant


  • prone to leaking
  • recently redesigned nipples flow too fast for newborns and breastfed babies
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3. Dr. Brown’s Options+

Dr. Brown’s bottles are widely regarded as one of the best bottles so it’s no surprise that they’ve also released one of the best glass baby bottles on the market. The best-vented bottles of all, these prevent colic and gassiness.


  • natural nipple with breast-like shape
  • available in 5 and 9 ounce varieties
  • flow promotes breastfeeding
  • vent system that prevents colic
  • has compatible silicone sleeves available in 6 colors


  • bottles not compatible with breastpumps
  • recently redesigned nipples have mixed reviews
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2. Lifefactory

One of the best things about Lifefactory is versatility. The bottle has compatible sippy cup tops so that you can get years of use out of them. Silicone sleeves for the bottles are included and you get multiple colors in every pack.


  • compatible with breast pumps
  • dishwasher safe
  • 4 different colored silicone sleeves in every pack
  • includes all 3 stages of nipples and sippy cup tops


  • milk occasionally drips from collar of bottle
  • silicone sleeve gets in the way of seeing bottle measurements
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1. Evenflo Premium ProFlo

Evenflo’s glass bottles are rising quickly in popularity. They’re slim, sleek, and have multiple options to choose from. With an elegant twisted look, many wouldn’t guess that they’re also one of the glass bottles that are friendliest on the wallet as well as the baby. These are the best glass baby bottles of 2019 for many reasons including the convenience of breastfeeding moms being able to pump directly into these bottles.


  • economically priced
  • available in 4 or 8 ounce varieties
  • choose from clear, teal, or lavender – plus more colors are available in larger variety packs
  • reduce colic
  • easy to clean
  • size compatible with nursing pumps


  • bottles are often more well-liked than nipples
  • not compatible with bottle warmers
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Glass bottles are on the rise due to health benefits. Go glass and check out these options to give your baby one of the best glass bottles right now.

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