Are you shopping for baby’s first birthday? Maybe you’re expecting a child and making a baby shower registry. You could just be overwhelmed by the number of baby toys available. We get it. But relax… we’re here to help with the best educational toys available!

Though there are so many great brands of educational baby and toddler toys out there, we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best educational toys. Now, shopping for baby toys is easy.

7. Top Bright Number Puzzle

There is nothing more classic than a number puzzle. This one, in addition to improving toddler’s problem-solving skills, is safe. It has soft, smooth, and polished edges, water-based paint, and is made with premium raw material from European forests. It’s a great toy for helping your toddler’s brain develop and grow.

It works because our brains look for patterns in the world and this is a patterning activity. It’s perfect for building logic, spatial reasoning, and math skills. Toddler will also learn animals in addition to numbers and develop counting and fine motor skills.

Further, Top Bright adheres to the philosophy of “Natural, High-Tech, and Educational,” so you can rest assured this puzzle is environmentally friendly and educational.


  • Not bulky or heavy.
  • It’s fun and educational.
  • Sturdy and pieces are the perfect size to fit comfortably into small hands.


  • Some consumers have complained of chipping paint.
  • The coloring on the numbers may fade.
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6. Vtech Pull and Sing Puppy

The Vtech Pull and Sing Puppy is interactive and will follow you around. Simply pull on the cord to activate the music, see the puppy’s legs move, and his nose flash. The buttons on the puppy’s side promote fine motor skills.

It’s one of the best educational toys because it introduces parts of the body, patterns, and numbers. It plays over sixty songs, melodies, phrases, and sounds to promote language development. It’s a bestseller!


  • Sounds will hold little one’s attention.
  • Durable toy to withstand wear and tear.
  • String isn’t long enough to be a safety issue.


  • Puppy may tip over if pulled too hard.
  • Nothing is on left side of puppy.
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5. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks and Rock-A-Stack

Another classic, this is a best educational toy because it comes in a gift set and makes the perfect present. Namely, the gift set features a set of babies’ first blocks and a rock-a-stack. The shape-sorting activity the blocks allow will aid in the development of fine motor and problem-solving skills.

The rock-a-stack promotes sorting and stacking and then baby can bat at the base to watch it wiggle and topple. Both toys also help with hand-eye coordination. All the blocks fit in the bucket for easy storage and the bucket has a convenient handle for carrying and on-the-go.


  • The blocks have a chunky design so they’re easy to hold.
  • Can help teach patience.
  • Very affordable price.


  • The lid is loose according to some reviews.
  • A few consumers received set with missing pieces.
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4. Vtech Sit to Stand Alphabet Train

This is one of the best educational toys because it’s convertible and can grow with your baby. Namely, it can be used as a floor train, a ride on toy, a walker, and a cart to pull. It comes with ten activities like a storybook, clock, and gears. The double-sided alphabet blocks help promote fine motor skills and introduce letters, colors, and numbers.

In addition, the Sit to Stand Alphabet Train plays 100 songs, melodies, phrases, and sounds. There’s a walkie-talkie and piano keys, too. This toy truly has it all!


  • Encompasses all areas of learning.
  • Keeps attention and little ones entertained.
  • Has a volume setting.


  • Could be sturdier according to some consumers.
  • A few buyers said pieces were missing.
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3. Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker

There’s so much to do with this walker that your baby or toddler won’t even know they’re developing fine motor skills. The early learning center on the walker has piano keys, spinning rollers, and a phone. And that’s just for starters!

The Vtech Sit to Stand Learning walker is one of the best educational toys because it’s something your baby can grow into – not a toy they’ll play with once and discard. Also, this has over seventy sing-along songs, melodies, and phrases so they’ll never get bored!


  • A five-star toy.
  • Wheels have settings to move at different speeds.
  • Can move on carpeted floors.


  • Some consumers said they were missing pieces.
  • Some buyers had issues with the sound not working.
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2. Zoordo Musical Mat

The Zoordo Musical Mat is one of the best educational toys because it’s fun and interactive. The mat is made of soft non-woven material that is easy to fold and store. The eight piano keys produce animal sounds and music your child will love. Baby will have so much fun kicking and stomping to get music to play!

Through the mat, the baby will learn coordination. Also, the volume can be adjusted by turning the knob.


  • Mat is engaging for users.
  • Babies and toddlers love it.
  • Doesn’t take up much space.


  • Mat may slide on hard surfaces.
  • A few consumers said the sound didn’t work properly.
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1. LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet

This tablet is durable and tough enough for a toddler. Just like your tablet, this features a “Home” icon and twenty icons. Toddlers can touch the screen and watch it light up or activate the sounds. The apps introduce numbers, shapes, colors, and animals.

Toddler can also use the tablet to role-play talking on the phone and play with the camera feature. It even has a feature where you can hear about sports, weather, and health just like a real tablet! Toddlers will be delighted with all the features the tablet has to offer.


  • Sensitive screen easily responds to touch.
  • Very compact.
  • Can easily be carried.


  • Pads turns itself off after just forty-five seconds of inactivity.
  • All the options may be overwhelming.
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This list of the best educational toys is sure to please any baby or toddler. From interactive toys to fine-tuning motor skills there’s something for everyone. Do you have a thought or would like to share your favorite educational toy? We’d love to hear from you!

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