Juggling between work schedules and feeding the baby can be a tough ordeal for most parents. In addition to that, parents need to have some time at home to take care of demanding chores besides feeding the baby. Therefore, you need the best breast pump to make everything work smoothly while your child enjoys fresh pumped breast milk.

Before purchasing a breast pump, you have to assess its level of comfort, portability, and ease of use. This article provides you with the best breast pumps that may offer such qualities.


1. Medela Harmony Breast Pump

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Medela Harmony breast pump comes from the Medela line of products which has been in this business for several decades now. Harmony may be considered the best breast pump due to its portability. This feature makes it the most suitable for travel. It has a two-stage stimulation property that ensures better production of milk. Besides its portability, it has other pros worth mentioning. The breast shield on the Medela harmony is perfectly crafted into a soft, comfortable contour. It may be the quietest and easiest to clean as compared to other manually operated breast pumps.

However, Harmony breast pump also has some disadvantages. For instance, it gets tiring after long hours of pumping. Also, you may have to compliment it with slight chest compressions when the milk expression slows down.

Parents who used harmony were impressed with its simplicity, efficiency, and ease of cleaning. Other parents, however, complained that the rubber o-ring wears out fast, leading to leakage.

2. Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

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The Avent breast pump from the Philips Company falls on this list due to its comfortable pumping position and impeccable design. Its plastic rendition makes it soft with textured massage facets. They help stimulate milk flow during expression. Avent is also portable and compact, hence suitable for travel. Once you have the Philips Avent breast pump, you can use it with other natural and classic bottles for milk storage and utility from the same company. This pump is BPA-free.

The advantages include its extremely lightweight design, a functional massage cushion, and an exceptional milk pump. It is also quiet and has a short neck that enhances its ergonomics.

The Avent manual breast pump also has cons such as being hard to assemble. If you lack the current Avent bottles, you may have a hard time using this pump. You may also witness leaks from under the cushion.

Most moms love its squishy and extremely comfortable gel pad. Even more moms say that it is quiet and doesn’t require any tubes or hoses to use.

3. BelleMa Melon Double and Single Breast Pump

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It is considered one of the best breast pump products because of its versatility. This breast pump allows users to regulate the speed and efficiency of milk production. You can adjust it up to 5 levels. It starts from a low setting to a high one, depending on your milk letdown rate. Other desirable features of BelleMa Mellon are that it is simple, has two-stage pumping and is compatible with parts from other brands.

This breast pump offers both single and double expression options. It is easier to clean than other electric breast pumps. BelleMa Melon has some shortcomings worth noting. It produces a considerable amount of noise when in use. Some users also complain that it is cheaply crafted and less durable.

Some moms said that it is efficient and can be the best breast pump for new moms. Reviews also say that it is very comfortable.

4. Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

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Ameda Purely breast pump is a great electric pump option and among the cheapest in the high-end category. It has gained popularity due to its impeccable design as well as its lightweight property. Regarding comfort and milk expression, it could be considered the best breast pump among electric types. This pump allows moms to fit milk bottles to the Ameda’s holder as they pump to ensure less spillage. The Ameda Purely Yours is advantageous because it offers extra storage capacity of two 5-ounce bottles. In addition to that, it offers moms with a double pump for both breasts. A hygiene enhancing system made of a silicon diaphragm helps keep dust and bacteria from entering the tubes of this pump.

The Ameda Purely Yours is advantageous because it offers extra storage capacity of two 5-ounce bottles. In addition to that, it offers moms with a double pump for both breasts. A hygiene enhancing system made of a silicon diaphragm helps keep dust and bacteria from entering the tubes of this pump.

However, it has a few cons such as its low cycle frequency. Mothers who would like to express more milk quickly may not find it efficient.

Some parents complained that it loses suction after some time. Others love that its battery mode works great.

5. Spectra Baby USA Single, Double Breast Pump

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The Spectra Baby is the best breast pump for mothers having a hard time producing enough milk. Its plastic build makes it extremely lightweight and portable. Other desirable features of Spectra Baby include a timer, a cooler, a functional night lamp, and tote bag. Its backflow filters ensure that breast milk doesn’t seep into its electric motor during use. The major pros for this electric breast pump as follows. It has sufficient suction power, it is portable, and is gentle for sensitive breasts. Besides that, Spectra Baby brings with it two bottles and a comfortable breast shield.

This breast pump lacks a battery option. Therefore, you will not be able to use it in places without an electric outlet.

Some parents love that it is noiseless and comfortable to use. Moms love its ability to pump either single or double.

6. Medela Pump In Style

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Medela Pump in Style can be the best breast pump for a working mom. It has become a favorite among most moms due to its ability to pump without an electrical outlet. Upon purchase, it comes with a battery pack and a tote bag for portability. A two-phase milk expression feature enables Medela to simulate how your baby nurses. The pumping starts with quick light sucks, then advances to deep and slow sucking for better expression.

It is advantageous because it comes with an adapter and battery pack. Consequently, Medela parts are readily available in leading stores. However, this pump is also disadvantageous in some aspects. For instance, it experiences condensation in the tubes forcing you to clean them regularly.

Parents love its simulation pumping technique. They also love its portability and fully adjustable vacuum and speed regulation.


These are the best breast pumps of 2018. They will make your milk expression much easier and faster. Whichever one you choose, you get a guarantee of performance in different aspects. They are affordable and readily available in leading online stores.

Have you used any of the products on this list? Share with us your suggestions and thoughts about this list in the comments section below.

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