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Best Baby Towels

best baby towels

Best Baby Towels 

The best baby towels are warm and fluffy enough to keep your infant insulated from the cold.Your baby may be a little cooler than normal after a bath. It’s especially important to keep the child warm at this time.
This lower temperature makes it easier for a baby to be susceptible to catching a cold. The best baby towels may help stave off a cold and will definitely keep your baby warm and dry.


These towels are available in a variety of forms, and we’ll be showing you our favorites from among the best baby bath towels and the best baby hooded towels.

5. Skip Hop Hooded Towel with Zoo Animals

Skip Hop Zoo Hooded Towel, Otis Owl, Multi
  • Soft, absorbent 100% cotton terry
  • Embroidered 3D details
  • Machine washable

This company uses 100 percent cotton materials in its best baby hooded towels. You can be sure that the towels will be soft enough to comfort your infant and plush enough to absorb excess moisture. These features make them a great choice for some of the best baby bath towels on the market.

These towels are large at 34 inches in both length and height. They’re some of the best baby bath towels around if you want something that your child can use for a few years as they grow older.

These zoo animal towels are available in with different three-dimensional prints, so you can choose a design that appeals to you or one you think your baby might enjoy. They are fully machine washable, and many users appreciate them for their size and absorbency. Some parents do note that the material seems thin, however.


  • They are machine washable with no special instructions needed.
  • You get a free bath mitten with each purchase.
  • The large dimensions enhance the value and allow your child to grow into the towel.


  • The material may be a bit thin for some parents.



4. Puj Hug Bath Towel

Puj Hug Hands Free Hooded Infant Towel - 100% Premium Ultra Soft...
  • Safely and comfortably dry baby with both hands free
  • Towel stays secure using interlocking silicone tabs around the neck
  • Made from thick, ultra-soft cotton

We think this is one of the best baby towels you can purchase thanks to its overall utility. It can be difficult to get your child out of the tub after a bath if you have to deal with trying to get the towel in place at the same time. The Puj Hug baby towel can help you with that using its built-in locking tabs.

These tabs allow you to keep the towel around your neck securely. This allows you to use both hands to get your child out of the bathtub safely. After the bath, you can use the tabs to hook the towel on a line for quicker drying.

The Puj Hug uses “ultra-thick” 100 percent cotton materials and is 28 inches in both length and height. This towel is a little more expensive than some of our other best baby towels, but it has useful features that make it worth the price for most new parents.


  • It gives you a hands-free way to get your baby out of the tub.
  • The ultra-thick cotton is soft and absorbent.
  • It includes tabs that may allow it to dry quicker than other towels.


  • In rare cases, some parents have found that the towel can be scratchy or that it sheds.

3. Hooded Baby Towel and Robe

Baby Aspen Rub-A-Dub Hooded Spa Robe, Fox in the Tub
  • HOODED TOWEL - Burnt orange terry robe with grey and white chevron cuffs, two terry ties in front, a hood with adorably...
  • BABY SHOWER - Adorable, gender neutral gift for baby showers that mom and dad will love!
  • SIZE - Terry cloth robe fits most babies 0-9 months old

The best baby towels sometimes offer a little something extra. In the case of Aspen’s Rub-a-Dub best baby hooded towels, you get robes that double as super-absorbent towels. They offer a complete line of fun animal designs that are sure to delight babies and parents alike.

Each robe has colors and designs that conform to cute versions of animal shapes, and all products are machine washable with no need for special instructions.

Many parents appreciate the finer details of these towel-robe hybrids, such as the small animal accents that make each one more than just a towel or a robe with a hood.

These items are 22 inches high and 11 inches wide and made from cotton materials. Although they should fit babies up to nine months, many parents say they only last about six months in total.


  • It provides you with the absorbency of a plush towel in robe form.
  • You can fully cover your bath after a bath.
  • It’s easy to wash in most machines.
  • As an extra, it gives you some great photo opportunities.


  • Some parents say that the cotton is not as plush as they expected.

Interested in more bathtime accessories for your little one? Check out our collections of the best baby washcloths and the best baby bath seats in 2018!

2. JJ Cole Two-Piece Towel Set

Jj Cole Two-Piece Hooded Towel Set Aqua Whales
  • Coordinating washcloth included
  • Ultimate softness and absorbtion
  • Stylish prints and colors

This is one of the best baby towels you can get if you’d like a set that includes a coordinating washcloth. You can choose from six different towel colors with matching cloths. It’s a great product to buy if you want to add coordinating colors to your existing bathroom. The modern prints are fun yet stylish for those parents who want something other than animal shapes.

Both the towel and the washcloth are machine washable using a warm cycle and utilize absorbent cotton materials. Many parents appreciate the softness of the items and how easy it is to maintain them. The towel is 30 inches in both length and height.


  • It doesn’t seem to irritate a baby’s skin at all.
  • You won’t have to deal with a lot of lint after drying it.
  • It provides an affordable value for a towel set.


  • The material of both the towel and cloth may be a bit thin for some parents.

1. Spasilk’s Baby Bath Bag

Spasilk 100-Percent Cotton Terry/Velour Hooded Bath Bag with Zipper...
  • 100% cotton terry/velour super thick, soft and absorbent
  • Hooded to keep baby warm
  • Generous size for extended use and wide at bottom for total comfort

This is perhaps one of the best baby towels you can buy if your little one likes to kick and squirm right after a bath. It is still a full baby towel, but it has a twist that makes it more useful than some other towels. As long as you unzip it before baby’s bath is over, you can pop the little one right into it and zip it up again. This feature keeps the baby from kicking the towel off while you are cleaning up, but it leaves plenty of room at the bottom for your child to still kick and move.

This bag doubles as one of the best baby hooded towels you can buy. It includes 100 percent cotton-velour materials and machine washable with no special settings necessary. Some parents find it to be a little small at 14 inches long and 13 inches high.


  • It keeps your baby dry from head to toe.
  • You can get your baby’s clothes or diaper ready while the towel stays in place.
  • It is easy to wash.


  • It’s rather small, and newborns may outgrow it quickly.


Our list of the best baby towels includes a variety of products from several brands. Whether you need some of the best baby bath towels, best baby hooded towels, or just baby towels that are soft and plush, we have something here for you.

Many of these items include useful extra features to enhance their overall values. Please share your thoughts on the best baby towels with us in the section below.

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