A diaper pail is a specialized container that one uses to contain and store used diapers in a sanitized way. Soiled diapers are not only smelly but unsightly as well. This can get worse as your baby grows. Baby diaper pails provide you a safe and convenient way to dispose of used diapers. The best baby diaper pail should be easy to clean and empty. It should also be able to lock in the smell until you empty the contents. Therefore, here are the best baby diaper pail brands worth considering nowadays.

1. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Ubbi Steel is an all-around favorite baby diaper pail. Unlike other plastic pails, it is made of stainless steel. This prevents it from absorbing undesirable odors. Ubbi Steel has rubber seals on every joint in its mouth to make sure the smells stay inside the pail.

For the trend-savvy moms, this container comes in a range of 13 colors. Its design features a tall, sleek structure to ensure it occupies the smallest space in the nursery.

A child lock feature on the lid means adventurous babies cannot explore the insides of the pail. Another bonus to this pail is the fact that you can use it with any regular bags. Regarding hygiene, Ubbi steel is easy to clean due to its metallic design.

The slide-open lid allows you to access its inner lining quickly for a thorough scrub. A major drawback of this pail is that it lacks a foot pedal for opening the lid like its competitors.

2. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

Munchkin Step is one of the best baby diaper pail because of its lean and sleek design. It spruces up your nursery with its elegance. At the same time, it performs adequately. The integration of an ergonomic foot pedal makes it compete better in the market.

Besides that, it has an odor repellant technology. Under the tip of its lid is a baking powder dispenser scented with lavender. This contains the foul smell of soiled diapers. Therefore, each time you open the pail, the lavender aroma disperses, making your life a lot easier.

There is a second lid meant to seal the disposable liner. It opens just long enough for you to get rid of the diapers, after which it shuts to seal the odor. Munchkin best baby diaper pail is compatible with either refill rings, Snap, Seal, and Toss refill bags. Another advantage is that it seals tight enough to prevent the baby from accessing what’s inside. Munchkin Step can hold up to thirty used diapers.

However, it has a few drawbacks. For instance, once you open the lid, you will have to shut it manually. It is also highly priced when compared to its competitors.

3. Dekor Diaper Plus Disposal System

Dekor Diaper is another excellent choice for disposing of dirty diapers. Its design is quite simple yet attractive. Most parents consider it as the best baby diaper pail because of its large capacity. Dekor can hold up to 46 used diapers.

Consequently, it comes with a step-and-drop design. This saves you the worry of having to hold the lid when disposing of the smelly diapers. Pressing the pedal with your foot opens the lid while releasing the foot pedal closes it.

Another advantage of Dekor pail is the handy cutter which is meant for emptying the diapers. Upon purchase, it comes ready to use with no assembly required.

However, you will need a liner inside it to absorb the odor. The main disadvantage of this pail is that it’s hard to tell when its liner is running out. You will just use it until you realize the refill ring is empty.

4. Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe

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Baby Trend Diaper might be the best baby diaper pail on the criteria of aesthetics and functionality. It offers an ergonomic seal that turns upside down to drop the used diaper into the pail. This way, you will not have to open the container each time you dispose of dirty diapers.

This feature also allows it to lock in odor effectively. Another bonus to this pail is that its users are not limited to the standard refill bags. Average sized kitchen bags can suffice if you run out of the refills.

Some parents love that it can also be used as a garbage can. Parents also love that it is compatible with regular kitchen bags.

Baby Trend also has a few drawbacks. It lacks a foot pedal like in its competitors. Also, there are no extra details for odor sealing.


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5. Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail

The Playtex Diaper Genie might just be the best baby diaper pail in the market owing to its superior odor-lock system. This is achieved through an integration of carbon filters on its rim. Besides that, it is safe as it lacks edges or trims that could injure a baby. In addition to that, Diaper Genie pail is light and will not hurt your child when it tips over.

You will also like the chic modern design that offers you a range of five colors. Another advantage worth mentioning is that it features a hands-free lid. The foot pedal at the base of the pail allows you to pop the lid open even while holding the baby. It comes with a plastic bag which has antimicrobial properties. The refill packs are designed ergonomically for easy removal.

This baby diaper pail also has some drawbacks. The bag cutter and the dispenser may fail to pivot. This forces you to fiddle with it before it can operate smoothly. Consequently, its capacity is lower than its predecessor, the Elite model.

Most parents complain that the previous version was better regarding capacity and odor locking. Some parents love the foot pedal and the carbon filters.

Wrapping Things Up


A good baby diaper pail will save you from the smell of soiled diapers as your little one grows. Therefore, it is an important investment for new parents having trouble with diaper disposal. Since there are several brands in the market that can get you confused, use our list of the best baby diaper pail brands for insight. Also, share with us your opinion on any product within or outside of this list.

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