When your baby starts feeding, the mess is almost inevitable. Baby bibs are an excellent solution to this recurring problem. They can protect even the dirtiest eater from spills and stains. Baby bibs come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. How do you choose the right bib for your baby? Check out our guide. We have outlined of some of the best baby bib models this year. We chose the bibs based on their ability to fold, ease of cleaning, fit, comfort, material, and style among other features.


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This product from BABYBJORN might just be the best baby bib due to its functionality. Unlike other plain fabric bibs, BABYBJORN Soft Bib is made of a flexible plastic. It is durable, strong, and efficient. The bib’s waterproof material stops spills and stains from reaching your baby’s clothes and soft skin.

This amazing product comes with a spill pocket. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about food spilling on the floor. Additionally, it has a soft neckband that rests on your baby’s neck without chafing. The bib has an adjustable fastener to fit your child even as they grow.

Its major con is that it is more rigid compared to other plastic baby bibs. Some parents have also complained that the bib is bulky and uncomfortable for their babies.


Customer Reviews

• One mom said that her daughter hates how stiff the bib is.
• Most parents love its easy to clean nature and functional catching pocket.


2. Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib

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Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib comes with an interesting collection of features. The bib has a back tie for a comfortable and customizable fit. This makes it perfect for kids who love pulling off their bibs.

The product is generously sized to provide complete coverage for children of all ages. Bumkins’ fabric is pure polyester integrated with a waterproof film. This provides parents with a couple of benefits. It is much easier to wash and dries pretty fast. Additionally, the material does not absorb food odors, flavors, or stains.

The bib can withstand regular machine wash without wearing off. For better durability, warm wash it and hang dry before storing.

Bumkins bib has some flaws in its design worth mentioning. Some parents have found the neck opening too large even in the tightest tie. This may allow food to drop into the baby’s clothes. Also, some users reported that its waterproof film melted when warm washed.


Customer Reviews

• Some parents say that the quality has declined compared to the previous Bumkins bib versions.
• Parents say that it overlaps up to the baby’s lap providing excellent coverage.


3. Green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs

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Green Sprouts Stay-dry best baby bib is a must-have baby item. This budget friendly product has many features that you will love. One of the most notable is the cotton terry fabric. The soft knitted terry makes the bib highly absorbent. Hence the baby can wear it for long periods. It also comes with a waterproof inner layer. It ensures that moisture doesn’t seep through to the baby’s clothes.

You will also love the adjustable hook-and-loop closure of this best baby bib. It allows you to quickly put the bib on and take it off without the baby making a fuss. Besides that, the material is very soft, cozy, and lightweight. This does not only make it comfortable but also safe in case the baby decides to nibble on it.

For style-savvy moms, Green Sprouts Stay-dry bibs come in a variety of colors. Therefore, you can coordinate the baby’s clothes with a matching bib. They are also easy to clean because of their conservative nature. You can quickly throw them in the washer and let them air dry.

Green Sprout’s bibs have disadvantages worth noting. Since they are made of a soft material, they are likely to harbor odor after prolonged use. Also, the brightly colored ones are prone to suffer ugly stains.


Customer Reviews

• One mom said that the Velcro scratched the baby’s neck.
• Parents say that it is absorbent, soft and of the right size.

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4. Matimati Baby Bandana Bib Set

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Matimati Bandana is the best baby bib with regards to its ergonomic bandana design and extra absorbent feature. If you are looking for an excellent drool bib, Matimati may be a great choice. Its front is made of purely organic cotton while the back is made of polyester fleece. Most moms prefer it for teething babies to contain all the dribble and spit ups.

Matimati Bandana Bibs are also stylish and unique making them an ideal choice for fashion enthusiasts. The product has two adjustable nickel-free snaps meant to fit different baby sizes.

A common disadvantage with these bibs is that they are prone to getting tough stains, particularly the white and gray ones. Also, if you are focused on size, they may not provide sufficient coverage for children above two years.


Customers Reviews

• Moms say it is the best baby bib for drool absorption.
• A few moms complained of their design quality.


5. Dream Bear Bacteria Resistant Silicone Baby Bibs

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Dream Bear baby bibs are the best baby bibs when it comes to bacteria resistance. They are made of soft silicone and can withstand high temperatures. This means that you can disinfect them occasionally by boiling.

Dream Bear bibs are designed to provide complete front coverage. The back closure features four ergonomic buttons for easy adjustment. It also has a deep waterproof pocket to contain drink spills and baby spit ups. The product is easy to clean; you can quickly rinse it under running water.

The only drawback to this baby bib is that kids may find it stiff and obstructive.


Customer Reviews

• Moms say that it is durable.
• Some dads say that it is the best baby bib for a messy eater.



Bibs are one of the essential baby items. A great baby bib will not only protect your child’s clothes but also save you from hours of laundering. The products that appear on this list won’t let you down. No matter how your little one behaves, they guarantee you complete protection.

Have you interacted with any of the products that appear on this list of best baby bib brands for 2017? Share your experience in the comments section.

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