Your baby’s first Christmas is a huge milestone in their life so, celebrate it properly with one or several of these extra special ideas below.

We have everything from handmade ornaments and adorable outfits to photo sessions and long walks under Christmas light displays.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.


1. Baby’s First Keepsake Christmas Ornament

1. Baby's First Keepsake Christmas Ornament


For this project, you’ll need an oversized Christmas ornament (preferably a transparent ball) that you fill with your little angel’s hospital ID bracelet, a tag with his or her name, and the hospital hat.

You are not limited to the things that you have saved in the hospital. You can add other similar items such as an ultrasound pic, a baby bump photo, or a lock of baby’s hair. Ask all family members to participate.

You can write down the baby’s stats on the ornament with a permanent marker. And to make everything extra festive add baby confetti and other decorations into the ball. When your kid will be old enough, you’ll be able to tell him or her the story behind everything in the ornament.

All you need is a extra large ornament, your baby’s hospital hat, a hospital ID bracelet and some other small piece of paraphernalia, in this case a bracelet.


2. Baby’s Handprint Christmas Ornament

Baby’s Handprint Christmas Ornament


This is another DIY Baby’s 1st Christmas ornament idea that will be long cherished by multiple generations to come. And the best part about this ornament is that it is extremely easy to make. You’ll just need glue or craft paint, glitter, and your baby’s tiny feet or hands.

There are at least two methods to craft a baby handprint Christmas ornament.

Method one (photo left): Get a shiny Christmas tree ornament, glue, and glitter. Dip the baby’s hand in glue, place it on the ornament, then sprinkle the handprint with glitter.

Method two (photo right): Get a shiny ornament, paint the baby’s hand in craft paint in a contrasting color (don’t let the baby eat it!), place the hand on the ornament. Add some finishing touches like those in the video below.


3. DIY Baby 1st Christmas Handprint Card

Baby foot print on DIY Christmas Card

You can rehash the idea above and create some cute handprint or footprint Christmas cards instead of ornaments.

Use your newborn’s feet or hands to make lovely art on cards that you can send to everyone in your contact list this Christmas.

No two cards will look the same, unless you plan to photocopy one. More tech-savvy parents can create impressive layouts for the cards in a graphics editing app and print them out. Only your imagination is the limit.


4. Baby’s 1st Christmas Outfit


Christmas Baby Outfit My First Christmas Baby Girl

Get your little bundle of joy into the Christmas spirit by dressing him or her in a cute Christmas outfit. You can then immortalize the adorable result in a family photo-op (more on that in a bit).


5. Baby’s First Christmas Plush Blankie

GUND Baby My First Christmas Reindeer Lovey Plush Blanket

Your baby will love a cute and cuddly Christmas themed baby blankie like the one in the picture. A blanket is better than a Christmas ornament because the baby can hold onto it or use it as a calming comforter.


6. Baby 1st Christmas Photography Session

Baby First Christmas Photo Op

Get your baby a Christmas outfit or just a Santa hat and the whole family is set for a Christmas photography session to remember. You can visit Santa with your baby and get a picture or two in a Santa hat there.

But a 1st Christmas photo op in the family is a great way to start a tradition of taking an annual photo in the same formation for years to come. You’ll have a timeline of how your little angel has grown up and how you and your SO have grown older.

To make things extra special, you can take the photos in a natural setting. But if the baby is prone to colds or everyone is more comfortable at home, by the Christmas tree is a great point to start the family tradition.

Also, you can turn the photos into Christmas cards and send them in the same year they were taken. Your extended family will love it.


7. Baby’s First Christmas Themed Toys

Bearington Baby's 1st Christmas Plush Soft Ring Rattle

You can toss a cute Christmas themed baby toy that your little one will have tons of fun with into their tiny Christmas stocking. The one pictured above is not for newborns, but it is a great toys for babies aged 2 months or older.


8. Baby Boy’s First Christmas Pictured Ornament

BANBERRY DESIGNS Baby Boy's First Christmas 2019 Dated Frame

This one is for the Baby’s 1t Christmas Ornament series for busy moms that don’t have the time for a DIY project. Get a cute 1st Christmas frame (amazon abounds in them), add the little angel’s picture, and hand it in the Christmas tree.

It is a simple but high-impact prop t make your baby’s 1st Christmas memorable.


9. Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

Baby's First Christmas Stockings

A baby’s 1st Christmas without a Christmas stocking is incomplete. Find a cute stocking (preferably a high quality one that can be used for years to come) or do it yourself – there are plenty of tutorials online. And stuff it with cute baby stuff like pacifiers, baby bottles, washcloths, outfits, and so on.

Your baby may not remember the extra effort, but the rest of the family will be thrilled with the end result.


10. Baby’s First Christmas Activities

Christmas lights

The baby’s first Christmas is a great time to start doing some activities together and even start a new family tradition (or more). You and your baby can both admire the Christmas lights. You can browse Google for local events like Christmas markets.

Local parks and gardens are also beautifully adorned during this time of the year. Small kids love bright flickering lights.

Another great Christmas activity is a photo op with Santa. Babies are not as unpredictable as toddlers when it comes to sitting on Santa’s lap. So, don’t expect last-minute changes of heart or temper tantrums near Santa.

Does your baby have too many toys? Take baby and a bag of lightly used toys to the nearest charity in your area and make some kids happy. You can repeat the tradition each year and teach your kid that ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’.

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