Parents everywhere dread the process of potty training. While changing diapers is not convenient or pleasant at times, we have more control over that process than we do with potty training activities such as reading potty training books.

As you ponder beginning this stage of development with your child, remember that timing, patience, and preparation are key elements to setting your child up for success.

Choosing positive reinforcement and a simple system of success rewards will keep your kiddo on track, and soon you’ll both rejoice in the newfound freedom that comes with establishing solid bathroom habits.

5. Potty – Leslie Patricelli

This simple and effective book combines possible inner dialogue, funny sounds, and actions that make the prospect of using the toilet fun and interesting.

Child-friendly language, sturdy book construction, and easy to flip pages make it navigable by children as young as two years. One of the best potty training books that you can use while in the act of toilet training, this one will inspire your little one to learn quickly.


  • Humorous, engaging
  • Board book provides sturdy construction


  • A little more expensive than regular books
  • Monocrhomatic background might be boring for some children
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4. P Is For Potty! -  Sesame Street Cast And Characters

Colorful and familiar characters help to simplify the potty training process for your child. With text and pictures that are understood by children as young as 1 year of age, this is one of the best potty training books for helping them reach this important milestone easily.


  • Colorful illustrations are engaging for children
  • Sturdy book construction helps little fingers to manipulate. and turn pages


  • Some children do not gravitate toward Sesame Street characters
  • Not suitable for older children
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3. The Complete Guide To Potty Training - Michelle D. Swaney

While this text is not geared for children, it helps give parents practical advice on how to make the potty training experience easy, fun, and enjoyable for everyone.

This is one of the most complete, best potty training books for parents, as it provides valuable advice for getting past those difficult days and periodic tantrums. A simple 5 step process is outlined, giving suggestions and tips for potty training success.


  • Comprehensive; addresses potential problems and how to fix them
  • Real life stories from other parents help to inspire and motivate


  • Suggestions outlined in the book might not help for everyone
  • Finding time to read cover to cover might be difficult
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2. Where's The Poop? - Julie Markes

Finding time to train and establish a routine can be difficult--making potty time entertaining is one way to get kids on board with training. This playful text pokes fun at that which we all have to do, and none of necessarily like to "do do".


  • Lift-the-flap design captures your child's attention
  • Features a variety of animals and their bathroom routines


  • Not much emphasis on why establishing routines is important
  • Leaves much of the conversation up to you, the parent
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1. Big Girls Use The Potty! - DK Books

One of the best potty training books for motivating your little princess to visit the bathroom; it's colorful and engaging pictures will inspire her to become a big girl in a very short time.


  • Comes with sticker chart so your child can see her progress
  • Rhyming text makes it appealing to listen to


  • The concept of rewarding with stickers or other incentives is distasteful to some parents
  • Might notwork for little boys, as the text doesn't cater to them
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Keep Going... You Can Do It!

Choosing the right text for your child and the right potty training manual for you will help you to get past any fear and anxiety that comes with starting a new chapter in parenting.

During this sometimes difficult process, play on a child's natural curiosity and willingness to learn by providing opportunities to play, explore, and even create habits that they can stick with as they grow in their confidence.

Offer praise, love, and rewards for consistent behavior, and don't get too discouraged by a few accidents here and there. Starting with a few of these best potty training books and exposing your child to the idea of independence will hopefully get them motivated to establish habits that "big kids" have. We wish you the best of luck on your potty training adventures!

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